Tony Robbins – What they dont teach you about FEAR

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[FULL] Tony Robbins – Living Your Purpose and Winning at the Game of Life
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The purpose of the goal is not to achieve the goal. The purpose is what it makes of us as people.
When someone says “I’m cynical or pessimistic,” he or she is really saying “I’m scared.”
Everyone has been put here for a purpose.

You shape your life with decisions. Find an empowering focus in every situation.
You determine what everything means.
What are you going to do?
You grow in environments in which you can’t control everything.
Not getting your goal is part of the design. You expand when demands are put upon you.
God’s delays are not God’s denials.
How do you have a sense of certainty in a world in which everything is changing?

You cannot control events. However, you can control what events mean to you.
Don’t let nervous system make connections that are false.
Are you driven by guilt or your past?
What’s directing the meaning you pull from life? Is it a sense of purpose?

The mind looks for the source of pain. This system can be misguided.
A woman made the connection “marriage” links up with “death.” The mind says the cause pain is “men” and trusting.
So the mind says “If you trust, you die.”

Distraction does not create a life of significance.
Discover the meaning of your life.
Use pain and pleasure to be more.
Tony relates a touching personal story about Becky’s father.
A compelling future enhances life and gives life meaning.
How are you going to live while you are here?
You can’t control an event, but you can direct your mind.


What’s most important in your life? Do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.
Decide consciously what you want your life to be about.
We spend most of our lives in process toward goals. Enjoy the process and appreciate along the way.

Are you being efficient or being effective?
What’s the purpose of your life? You are here for a reason.
Who do you become as a person? What do you contribute?
A life of significance is one of growth and contribution.
Ask and trust your instinct.

Life is about being and doing.
Many never feel fulfilled in life because they don’t know the purpose of the game.
What do you really want?

People have lots of rules about how the game of life is to be played. And they have lots of rules for others.
We get upset because of our rules.
Whatever is going on that violates our rules, there may be other things going on as well.

The rules may be in conflict. This leads to pain and frustration.
Even when you play by the rules, you don’t always win.
How can I use this? What else can this mean?
Sometimes you break the rules and you win. However, this takes you away from your higher purpose.

In order to win, you have to work with lots of other people who don’t have the same rules.
Most people fail because they think it’s a life or death game. This is not a practice session. However, don’t stress!

Decide what the purpose of the game is, at least for right now.
All decision-making is value clarification.
Have fewer rules.
Make your rules consistent.
Give yourself pleasure when you win even if the world does not. Acknowledge yourself.
When you screw up and violate something that’s a value, give yourself a short burst of pain!
Know that other people will have different rules than yours.
Life has a purpose. However, don’t take it too seriously.
Why do angels fly? They take themselves lightly.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Write it down.
Why did you want to be that? What were the feelings you hoped it would give you?

Even you are not doing the thing you intended, you might be doing it in a different way and experiencing the same emotion.

Know the essence of your purpose.
Re-experience the feelings of a time when “you were on a roll.” What was your state of mind?
State your purpose in positive terms. How you are going to be as a person?
Say it out loud.
You are not supposed to be perfect. Instead, be excellent.
Keep your purpose statement in front of you.
Principles don’t change. What’s inside of you does not change.

Very often, not getting your dream gives you your destiny.
Find an empowering meaning.
Every human experience supports us.
Look for benefits and you will find it.
Tony tells the story of “Field of Dreams.”
If what you have done hasn’t worked, it is just preparing you for more.
Be one of the few who do instead of one of the many who talk.
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  1. Palma Mingozzi

    Tony Robbins would you be a sponsor for a foundation for the arts on Staten Island

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    how do you deal with the people that go "is that your dad's car?" or just have low view of you?

  3. Janli Tiffany Gwo

    Wow back in the day when he didn't have great hair yet

  4. Rohan S Shirodkar

    awesome video..very true.. I have been using this technique since past 5 years and believe me I have got some amazing result. Mind of Human is the most powerful thing in this world. Whatever you see through it becomes the reality and soon science will prove this using Quantum Physics.
    Visualization is an awesome technique and it gets you the result very soon.
    Believe me I am soon going to become a billionaire and have my own company.

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    Tony, Roger Banister used a pacemaker for 2-3 laps. THAT was the key. John Landy just did not get it arranged before him, but also broke it soon after, I believe without a pace maker. Of course belief is a factor, otherwise he wouldn't have set up the attempt.

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  8. theFORCEismyallie

    The rich get rich and the poor get poorer because the rich are more ruthless and have less empathy for others.

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    Making billions of dollars, or having a beautiful wife, and cars, and houses means nothing. It all gets taken from you in the end.

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    The greatest achievement is being born. Considering all the ones that aren't born, that's a huge achievement in itself. Makes everything else easy.

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    Dan freeman, you sound bitter. It's worked/ working for me. He's not proclaiming if you have some severe mental illness. Let me tell you about modern psychology, it is built around medicating illness. I have a feeling modern psychology is possibly a little off target. But this isn't about tony vs psychology he just has a different approach as to trying to achieve similar goals. It always blows my mind how so many people are quick to write someone off because pieces of someone's beliefs differ from someone's pre-existing knowledge on a subject they will discredit it in entirety. If he doesn't have the title of psychologist he can't understand psychology human drive and desire. Because humans learn best from reading right? Not interacting and doing, not immersing themselves in experiences and thought. Thank you Dan for really helping me see that Tony Robbins knows nothing about delivering results in people's lives. You know he's more sought out then any psychologist in the world but….

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    Love you Tony. God bless you.

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    Tony touches everyone. I can't stop listening to him, read his books….and apply all that I gain to make a diffderence. Always grateful to Tony!

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