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Read all the way to the bottom because this 35 minute video could be worth millions to you! Tony Robbins delivers a life-changing, easy to follow blueprint in the time it takes you to watch a half-hour TV show! Watch this as many times as you can and, more importantly, put into practice what you learn here today. If you do that, I can promise you that your life will explode into massive and positive change!

Tony Robbins on the Best Piece of Advice He Ever Got

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) — Entrepreneur, Author and Peak Performance Strategist Tony Robbins discusses the best piece of advice he’s ever received and his favorite technology. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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  1. Ernesto Lara

    I love the emotional intensity technique, feel profoundly to connect to your greatest self.

  2. Shaunel Tucker

    This was excellent, and very much needed!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Sassy Helper


  4. Terry Jung

    This vedio just awake sonmething inside me up while thet have been sleeping for long long time. I have been an emotional slump for a while now. Thanks for this wonderful vedio clip. Thanks again Anthony Robbins.

  5. gnosticpsychologist

    realign your mind

  6. Sassy Helper

    Great, thanks!

  7. InsaneGuitarGenius

    307 people don't like this because they are destined to fail.

  8. Owen Daniels

    my neck is sore from nodding my head for 35 minutes

  9. Gyugachakraavathy Gunasekaran


  10. NZ Shares

    Very good will listen every day for a week u da man Tony

  11. Tiến Lê Đức

    l alway like to listen his talks

  12. Yuri Kasparov

    Awesome Tony Video, Great inspiration stuff, as always. Thanks Ron, for sharing. Follow your Dreams. God Bless

  13. nikonxxx

    This Motivated me to run 5 km as soon as it ended. I want to get to my fight weight. I MUST GET TO MY FIGHT WEIGHT!

  14. Ka Boom

    Overcoming fear is a huge problem as well

  15. Chipmunkapublishing

    This is a great summary of Anthony Robbins at his best.

  16. Pádraic H. Pearse

    That was great!

  17. Trent Trent

    Who are these mentors that everyone talks about and how can i find one?

  18. dportis47


  19. Rant Therapist

    This guy does not age. He's like Keanu Reeves.

  20. Digital Marketing Forever

    good advice

  21. Patrick V. Bentsen

    Inspiration right there! So many people try to tell us what would be the right thing to do. Its a jungle. Its a chaos. The curse of having endless choices. I figured out how to filter good advice from bad, and it helps me massively! Therefore I uploaded a video on the topic. Check it out and let me know what you think. :)

  22. Rocky N

    I didn't begin to enjoy life until I began living life for others.  Tony and the person who said it, said it best.  Adding values to other's lives makes you invaluable.  Learn. Grow. Prosper. Never stop giving.

  23. Dougla Don

    Family Guy brought me here lol

  24. Ghost MJ

    God!! I love tony!! I hope to meet him one day. 

  25. Quinton Snow

    Get better everyday!

  26. Roshi the Sayian
  27. Aravind Guru

    Add more values to life – great advice Tony

  28. j flash

    doesnt reduce your body temp to to minus whatever he said, if that happened you would be a very dead popsicle.

  29. Eldon Edwards