Tony Robbins at Oprah’s Lifeclass – LIVE from NYC [Full Episode]

Tony Robbins, a self-help author and motivational speaker, guest on at Oprah’s Lifeclass LIVE in NYC, reveals the ways you can effect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state, and how to live fullfilled life without fear. For more life lessons from Tony Robbins : and .

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  1. Mary Ronan

    "You are your own worst enemy and the key is to have the courage to stand up to yourself"!! My story……Grew up in family of 7 kids. Catholic (hypocritical) family. I confided in the catholic priest about the abuse and he did nothing!!! He would go golfing with my stepdad, he would come over for dinner and drink with my abusive stepdad…..Back to the beginning: I was the middle child. Abandoned at the age of 3 by my parents…..lived with my grandparents. Mother came back at later age…..mother married an abusive man who abused all 7 of us. I was the only child to stand up to this monster. I was the only child who would stand up to him when he was beating my mother, trying to kill her, we would call the police and they would come and she would deny all of it……….I was continually told "You are nobody", "You are not college material". My gymnastics coach had known I was living in an abusive home…… Over the years she tried to ignore it (she was supposed to be a mandatory reporter). At the age of 15, she could no longer keep her eyes shut to the bruises. She reported the abuse to CSD and I was removed from the home (very torn because I knew my other siblings were still being abused). This was 1980 and a lot has changed, at the time, they did not even consider the other siblings were abused. Unbelievable!! I lived in 3 separate foster homes. The abusive man was able to manipulate the pychologist with CSD and I was put back in the home. He continued his abuse. On my graduation night from high school I came home to find all of my belongings in one box in the driveway. I was homeless. I became pregnant by 19 and married at 21. By age 27 I was enrolled in a University program for BSN Nurses. I had 3 kids, and it took me 5 years to get through Nursing school, but I DID IT!!!!! YAHOO!!! I must say, all the credit goes to MY HEAVENLY FATHER who walked beside me every step of the way. It was GOD (JESUS) who told me I could do it. Now, I am a REGISTERED NURSE!! I overcame my story (you are worthless, you are nobody, you were abused, you are stupid, you cannot do it………..on and on the excuses run through your mind). YOU ARE ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS WITH JESUS WALKING BY YOUR SIDE!!! NOW, go do it. :) Jesus loves you so much.

  2. Gideon Khamala

    Feel the fear and do it anyway….that is Courage

  3. Thewolfi Dikaprio


  4. tayoofa Omer

    I hate the breaks .. its too much but in general it was great show and I had fear of not being successful person and I will not reach my goals .. I have so many goals but what I need is to find the strategy ,and change the story and state ! thanks tonny & Oprah ♥


    Thank you so much for uploading this video, I find my good old self again!

  6. conniescott1962

    Two of my favourite Americans Oprah & Tony Robbins.

  7. Ezgina

    2 powerhouse together are superpower

  8. Anissa Mercado - Gurzi - Whosoever

    In the Bible it says DO NOT FEAR 365 times! And you need this narcissist to help you?

  9. Dwight Harrison

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  10. h

    why is the guy so loud.. he can a bit slow down.

  11. Vitaly Samonov

    Incredible video. Please sub to my business motivational channel . thanks.