Tony Robbins 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life Now Part 1

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Motivational speaker and mentor Anthony “Tony” Robbins shares with us some of his most memorable advice in this lengthy compilation of some of his finest lessons.

A must watch for anyone who wishes to get inspired so they can create positive change. I had a really positive time working on this video, so I hope you get a real positive buzz from watching it too.

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  1. reardelt

    I actually feel disgusted when I see or hang out with people who have lower standards than me.

  2. Andy chatfun
  3. Albert J. Nguyễn

    I wish I had a best friend like Tony Robbins. tears

  4. John Horvath

    Good lord, Tony Robbins is an angel. This guy is seriously like no one I have ever seen. I don't what to say, this is so uplifting.

  5. Andrew Hibberd

    tony seems really noisy spend time with salt of the earth
    do not waste time with people who drive ferrari
    the only thing that is going to make you happy is
    stepping down to humility
    and kneeling inside your cupboard and spending time
    meditating about all that has happened
    and then moreover what will happen
    in the future as a result of what you thought

    the true product is the truth tony
    we are lucky in australia we got a one term tony
    here now

  6. Andrew Hibberd

    perhaps tony needs to rest in a cave in tibet can he ?
    perhaps tony needs to recite the tantras and the surtras can he ?
    does tony speak the language of Thsonkappa ?
    tony speaks learning is the key to relationship
    teach me tony for free can you ?

    how about the known and the imagination the imagination and the truth monks can fly

  7. Irene Huang

    Tony Robbins is my role model

  8. Jaz Singh


  9. Rui Freitas

    Great Video From Tony Robbins. Today I learned a new lesson from You. Lets go to the 7 days thinking positive. Start now! :)

  10. yin taichi

    Bob Ralston will like this Chinese proverb — " A man must  sit  in  one  place,  for  a  long  time,  with  the  mouth  held  open,in  order for  Roast Duck  to  fall  in ! "    Tony   Robbins  is  a  force  of  Nature !

  11. davidsirmons

    My 'aha' moment was with real-time strategy games and how they resemble life. You start out with only yourself, capable of doing a range of things, but none are very powerful at first. You create small units beyond yourself, and they in turn create more powerful units, on and on up. Quickly and exponentially, you can create a vastly formidable force. When I realized that financial compounding is like this, it became a seemingly simple thing. And I'm on my way.

  12. Isaias Juarez

    What a really inspirational video

  13. Lois Johnson

    Tony Robbins’ messages here are astonishing.
    • Everyday stand guard of your mind and feed it something positive because if your worst enemy puts sugar in your coffee then you're fine, but if your best friend trying to help you accidentally puts strychnine in your coffee then you're dead.  This is the best example of the miracles of positive influences versus the dangers of negative influence that I've ever heard.
    • “It’s not what we have but what we become that makes us happy” is a solid motivational quote.
    • The secret to a great life is giving because it adds meaning to your life.
    • Beliefs and values control who we are – Successes and failures are formed by the little things, patterns, habits and rituals are the difference between successful people and less than successful people.
    • Stack the good and develop the habit of thinking of what’s right rather than what’s wrong with your life.
    • Massive actions and trying something else to create what you want is common sense. Now let’s make common sense more common. Enjoy your life!!!

  14. Sarah Averyt

    I'm connecting the dots… This is an amazing video worth to share with all my everyone. I appreciate each one of you! 

  15. Bessy Hsn
  16. Kaisen Bussines

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  17. holli perkins

    Tony Robbins is the bomb!!!

  18. Venicestu

    Beautiful, now if I can just find a way to loop it all night long, Thanks.