How Tony Robbins starts every morning

How Tony Robbins starts every morning

Tony Robbins, the self-improvement titan and author of “Money: Master the Game,” has advised the biggest names in finance, politics and entertainment including Ray Dalio, former President Bill Clinton, and Serena Williams.

We sat down with him to find out about his morning routine.


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  1. Giuseppe Gasparetto

    This teacher is insanely great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, sir Robbins!

  2. hera Taite

    Every morning I do 30 or 40 mins of Leslie Sasone exercises… works foe me

  3. 60westpro

    the WOLF luring all of you sheep in –

  4. Chastity B. The Entrepreneur

    Tony still looking good…that's what great mental and emotional health will do for you, keep you looking vibrant and healthy in your own body and skin.

  5. FutureSuccessors

    I read that you can boost your productivity throughout the day by a shower trick. You change the water from hot to really cold for 15 seconds then change it back. And do that 3 times :)

  6. linda rosenthal

    Down- to- earth morning routine. I will try tmrw morning…not :P

  7. YourMindofSuccess

    Tony “plays at the edge” so he can “get better.” He puts demands on himself.

    Well, maybe you do not have a Jacuzzi and a big bucket of ice that you can jump in! And maybe cryotherapy does not exactly appeal to you.

    What to do? Engage your mind of success and “play at your edge.”

    Tell your mind of success to show you how to get better at which you do. Demand more from yourself.

    However, don’t try to do it all yourself. Your mind is well able to show you exactly where you can improve.

    It will even tell you how to do it. How cool is that?

    This is much easier to do than you might expect. Just say to your success neurology “show me how to improve my performance.”

    Your subconscious mind is ever the obedient servant. It will not disappoint and will, in fact, fulfill your every wish.

    If you understand your subconscious mind, you will realize that it can do nothing else.

    So why not avail yourself of this unfailing an ever-reliable servant? What becomes possible when you ask your subconscious mind “how can I improve today? How can I ‘play at my edge’ and get better and better and better?”

    Be ready to act upon the answers! They will be there when you need them and they will not be late.

  8. Jonathan Coates

    This guy is the truth!