Anthony Robbins: Hour of Power

Hour of Power is Tony’s 3-Step process designed to help you create rituals for sustainable success. A daily ritual of physical and emotional conditioning, Hour of Power will not only allow you to face whatever the day might hold, but also orient you toward your goals and toward the extraordinary life you deserve. For more information on upcoming Tony Robbins events, visit: Australia: United Kingdom:

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  1. Jason Thomas

    I started my own company one month today, for the last week i've been feeling like nothing is working and i have lost the drive to make it work. 
    Now i feel fired up, and confident to make it a success and thats down to listening to this Hour of power! Thanks you very much Anthony….

  2. Sitezmusicpro

    Whenever I hear this man, I feel alive… I just love him… One of the funniest, most inspiring and joyful person in the world…

  3. Olgui Q

    Sometimes a great boost is needed. Thank you for the videos.. cheers n peace to all. 

  4. shelly martes

    His advices are filling me with mental strength to conquer my goals and purpose in this life thank you tony robbins 

  5. BlackMagic553

    I've been doing this everyday for a month.  Changed my life

  6. PowerThoughts Meditation Club

    Tony Robbins is legend! Thank you for your wisdom and love :)

  7. txbookauthor

    Life Changing.. 

  8. Sally&Bill Kasper

    I am very thankful that we have a chance to watch him here online instead of just buying his tapes or his video, now we have a chance to watch him on youtube over and over again.  Tony Robbins, thank you so much for sharing.  You are the best.  

  9. ThePumpmaster

    I met Tony at a conference in Detroit in 1989. During intermission I followed him into the bathroom. I stood beside him at the urinals and took a peek. The man is hung like a stallion. His dong was at least 8 inches flaccid. 

    100% true story.

  10. Kevin Hodges

    I am going to attend his Platinum Partnership soon…. that is my promise to myself

  11. Dallas Dwayne

    This stuff is spot on! I know it might seem like a long listen but it's so worth it. Also, the more i do this, 1 hour of power doesn't seem like enough. I find myself wanting to spend more and more time investing in myself.

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  13. thewiganjoker

    This man is a genius. I can't get enough of his stuff !!!

  14. HighCarbTV - Gesundheit & Fitness Lifestyle

    i am creating an awesome body you can check out my latest transformation vid on my channel page, in 2 month i post an update. 

  15. Kyle Morgan

    148 people are stressed (aka scared). 

  16. georgi mura