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THE HUMAN MACHINE – FULL AudioBook | – In this classic work of self-help & improvement, famous inspiration and success author Arnold Bennett asks us to consider our brains as the most wonderful machine – the only thing in this world that we can fully control. As he writes: “I am simply bent on calling your attention to a fact which has perhaps wholly or partially escaped you — namely, that YOU are the most fascinating bit of machinery that ever was.”


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  1. Caroline Lincoln

    Let me save you 3 hours.

    Take 30 min. to think about what you want to fix/be more like every day.

    Thats the answer.

  2. Joshua Ramcharan

    Powerful yet Beautiful!

  3. Andreas Sokratous

    great audiobook as long as it covers the brain as a tool and ones self as a never ending student if what we can call life of what one sees. last chapter was weak tho. the heart allways wins against the tool. anyone healthy who experienced strong emotions knows what im talking about. a strong and healthy heart can see lies and truth it cannot be tricked as long as one trusts and listens. if one is under the illusion of pshychological problems then the emotions produced aee used against one. a pure healthy person one that is like water knows.

  4. Luis Acero

    Wonderfully read.

  5. matthew efe

    Nice book, thank you for making it possible to hear.

  6. Brock Richards

    This is a truly incredible reading. Fantastic!!!

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  9. Kotekal Shami

    its a great video explaning the human brain as a machine

  10. Rachel Coleman

    Thank you.

  11. joe balou

    wwow first time i listen to it i couldnt stop love it anymore like this???

  12. Francie Says

    Your sharing of powerful info is a service to all. Keep it up.

  13. kh gh

    thank you

  14. Greatest AudioBooks

    : ) Thanks, Siya!