Teenager with autism learning self help skills

Teenager with autism learning self help skills

Normally we work on these skills in isolation, but for the video we put it all together. Also even I can make mistakes! I thought Kreed could pick out both shoes correctly- I’ve seen him do it with crocks. But as time passed I realized that maybe he just didn’t have the language to tell me- so we got the device and sure enough he needed help!! It felt great for him to finally tell me and make me realize he needed help. That’s what cooperation is about! (Not compliance). Also I realized that deodorant before putting shirt on!!! Over the next year we will be working on improving all these skills!

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  1. Self sacrifice

    You are great mother. Good job

  2. Dorothy Fry

    You are a wonderful, patient, loving mother. How old is your son?

  3. Preston Slack
  4. Preston Slack


  5. Matt Granade

    i hate that people prefer video games then something that could possibly happen to them they could have kids with autism and they ignore this which props to you maam  doing a fantastice thing here

  6. Marsha Brown

    Thanks 4 being a strong person i look up to ppl like u thanks 

  7. Tammy Phipps

    Your a great mom and he has autism

  8. MLGBRO77


  9. Hydie Knowles

    wait I thought autisim was sensory overload and having a short attention span  not unable to do a morning routine

  10. Jaylyn Dale

    I find it interesting the way you teach him the basic life skills. Do you think he will be able to live on his own or with a little bit assistance? 

  11. Cydoni Aeon

    Way to go! My son is on the spectrum and he at one point chomped his teeth.  I did considerable research and finally found out what was causing him to constantly chomp.  I purchased CFL bulbs for the entire house.  CFL bulbs blink or flash every 60secs, something I did not see but my son did.  I removed every bulb and replaced them with LEDs instead.  He stopped chomping his teeth immediately. I even made sure that is what was causing his senses to go into overdrive and purposely placed one CFL bulb close to his spot.  He started chomping his teeth again.  I could not believe that it was actually happening and did it several times at different intervals. Clothing is also an issue, such as, tag-less shirts, pants, and underpants.  Sensory overload is so overwhelming and difficult to pinpoint the cause. Keep up the great work and don't give up!