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Today I will be whisper reading from “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff And It’s All Small Stuff” By Richard Carlson. This is one of my favorite books because it’s a quick read & has great advice to help keep things in perspective. I find myself reaching for this book when I feel stressed or get bent out of shape about something!

In this video I read chapters 1-5. Stay tuned for another whisper read video covering more of this little gem!

I hope you enjoy & thanks for watching! :)
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  1. William Viniard

    Love your whisper reading. Will you consider reading good to great?

  2. Chris Myers

    Your brilliant Chelsea the story sounds great. I like the relaxation video and get to know Chelsea with 20 questions
    And the feeling unwell . But the only downside is there are some videos recorded at a much lower level so can only hear you when you
    Whisper in the ear. Keep up the good work , your videos are helping me relax after a vocal chord operation.

  3. Melissa Smith

    Please do a part 3!!

  4. StuntmanTed

    I can't stop listening

  5. Leryn Baker

    I love this video. But will you please please make another but film your hands soft movements and page turning and all of that !!! Omg it would be so great