Positive, Spiritual, & Self-Help Book HAUL

Hi loves! Today I wanted to share with you a few books that I bought for my journey on spiritual growth. I hope you enjoy my first book haul and let me know if you would like to see more.

List of books coming soon!

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  1. Ana Ruiz

    esa es la clase de libros que yo leo tambien  !!!

  2. Todd Prebushewski

    Check out my short read book FROM PAST FEAR TO FUTURE LOVE on Amazon, read my story and give me a good review.Let me know what you think and how I can improve it. Thanks

  3. Hannah Mac

    she looks like that girl from teen moms that was on big brother whats her name again

  4. FIRSTconcentrate

    New books you might enjoy: Miracle Morning, Vision to Reality, The 22 Laws of Inner Peace. Best wishes :)

  5. yaswanth shiva

    Hi I like this video, I was looking for some good self help books and she just made me realize the best self help book I also found useful for improve your ability how how to attract wealthy clients
    is Renkarter Simple Attraction Report – if anyone is interested search on google,,

  7. glamourtopia

    Wow, I can relate to you in soo many ways! Thank you so much for this video Dulce! I would love to learn more from you! ;)

  8. Szawel Saulencijus

    Buy a crystal to cure yourself from idiocy…

  9. Riese Jones

    Great Video! I was curious, have you read "Mentor Me" by Ken Poirot? It has become my favorite positive and self-help book. I was wondering what your thoughts are of it. It completely changed my life! If you have not read it, you can see it here…http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KPGM28C

  10. Linda Argueta

    Wow… This just made me realize how needy some of us people are. Wow!! Crystals?!? Really?!?! I was looking for some good self help books and she just made me realize the best self help book I can read is THE BIBLE!! I don't wanna get lost into the world by getting confused with these books written by who knows what kind of people. 

  11. justmadeit2

    from me in England>>>> The self improvement books that i have bought over the years are on my channel in the uploads. See if you recognise any as i talk about them very briefly ? I think ive got too many ! Go watch it soon…if you want that is. Justin

  12. giditex

    in one of her vlogs Dulce show a book or work planner with short inspirational quote..maybe somebody remember that? ANYBODY?