Leo’s List of Top 140 Self-Help Books

Best Self Help Books – How to use personal development books to take your success to the next level.

Leo’s List of Top 140 Self Help Books

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

Watch this great interview were Mark Victor Hasen

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  1. Chrissy andrews-govett

    is that why your reading all these masters…SO YOU CAN BE MORE COMPETITIVE? So you can repackage the info to sell on? WOW I was hoping for so much more..Leo your clever but I am over 50 and have seen/done so much of this stuff and for many the base of all this wisdom seems to be used to SELL MORE PRODUCT..I actually dont feel like thats what we need now and feel IS THE PROBLEM…lets remove all our limiting beliefs so we can sell more and fill all the space with more and more stuff and more and more information…and what of each person coming across each book exactly as their OWN spirit is ready…your list is perhaps for YOU and YOUR journey, this is an arrogant form of censorship and propaganda…I get distressed when I seek THE GREATER TRUTH and I find another SALESMAN. Thankyou for when you share from THE HEART..this list idea does not sit well with me nor does the "I have studied for 5 years and now you can get it all packaged from me" trick that is being continuously perpetuated.

  2. TV, Movies, trailers and more

    Stop hating on him. He took the time to make these videos and all his other ones. If you don't want to fucking pay a minimal price for a potential life time changer, then don't, but don't piss and moan about it either. Keep up the good vids man. Your a sick lad for the amount of duties you do for free

  3. Lexicon

    I can't understand one thing, this excellent video has only 42k views, and some other stupid videos have millions or even billions of views. that tells a lot about our society

  4. Roman

    I don't usually comment but I want to right now. I see all the negative comments about it and I agree and I disagree. Leo is picking the cream of the crop of books. are you so fucking cheap that you cant spend a measly $20 on a valuable book list? What's the alternative spending the $20 on McDonald's with fries and a shake or some bullshit? yeah you have to pay for the books or you can just find the link as pdf files on Google. fucking invest your money into self-education so that when you make mad money $20 won't seem like shit to waste. grow up. thank you leo and I'm gonna go purchase it right now. cheers.

  5. Wry Ipx

    So you wish to share your journey to enlightment? rolol
    if it sounds, looks & talks like a snake oil salesman, & THEN SELLS SNAKE OIL…. SHAME on you LEO.

  6. Anthony Merheb

    +Actualized.org Man i want to buy this list but my country , Lebanon, does not appear on the list of countries :(
    is there any other way i can pay you ? i really want the list

  7. Sheena Mal

    Leo I can't access them and I've purchased. help!

  8. Anna S

    Don't suffocate yourself with knowledge people.Look for answers internally not externally. Every book is written from someone's else own perspective which is unique blend of emotions, motivations and passion. What worked for them , it may not work for you. What worked to Leo , it may not work for you! Reading that many books can actually confuse you and actually bring you away from reality while giving you false sense of doing something good, becoming wiser and more open minded. In case where you go for books chosen by one individual , opposite can happen, they may actually narrow your point of view.
    I also think is morally wrong to charge money for it because as he claim these books ,influenced and inspired him to be successful. Maybe apart from charging people for a list, how about actually giving some sort of financial credit to authors of these books as a form of your own gratitude that you preach to your viewers about, Leo?

  9. Sheena Mal

    Come on Leo if people don't want to pay for the full list price that is not being cheap, some of these people have probably paid loads of self development and came here for the recommendations. Had you actually written the books that is different… there are loads of recommendations of self help books from very successful people which I would advise a lot of people to do of they don't want to pay for the full list, however I will be reading what's here too.

  10. Sophie S.

    Hi Leo, have you read  "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki? what do you think of it?

  11. Vurghun Ahmadov

    Hi Leo, I followed the link but didn't see the list of 140 books. There were only categories and a few audio books, but not 140.

  12. Gnosis2078

    This guy and his premise are nonsense. Hansen destroys him. Readers are leaders. (Drops Mic)

  13. Gordon

    The essence behind traditional self-help books/courses is quite simply to make money by pretending you have the answers to people's problems. If you look at the basic structure of a classic self-help guide it's an archetypal exercise in marketing – most of the initial material is about establishing credibility (I'm a doctor, I used these tips to get rich, look at my fancy car, look at my bank balance) rather than giving advice.

    The advice that is offered is always constructed in a way that promotes future business: there's usually some profound sounding but meaningless insight (generally with a name like "the ten per cent rule") followed by the promise that if you just persist with the course, follow the exercises, buy the next book or sign up to the next seminar you'll finally reach the point at which your problem is solved.

    It would be wrong to say that such books/courses can never help people at all. It's possible that within the material there is something helpful. You can probably get whatever that advice is for free off the internet rather than paying for an expensive self-help guide, but I wouldn't exaggerate the point and say everything in a self-help guide is necessarily harmful.

    But the purpose isn't to help people, it's to make money through a series of tried and tested marketing tricks. At the more damaging end of the scale it moves into outright exploitation – see some of the courses that end up slowly turning participants into glorified telemarketing sales staff for the company, encouraged to phone up their friends and family to try and bring them along and spend more money on courses. It also disproportionately draws in those who are more vulnerable.

  14. Avaadorey

    That debate was heated! Mark Hansen handled that like a pro. The bottom line is there are good self-help books and bad self-help books which are just money making schemes that lack content. Self-help can't be lumped into one category and labeled good or bad. The ones inspire you can be life changing. Sometimes just one line in a book is all it takes.

  15. David Conner

    I began an intensive program of personal development in late 2010. I read the right books, I watched the right videos and listened to the right audios. I did the prescribed exercises at the end of the book chapters, and I meditated for success.

    I even had a 5 ft. by 10ft. Dream Board up on the wall of my bedroom with motivational and inspirational photos and quotes.

    I stopped watching television. I stopped listening to the radio. If it was negative, I avoided it like the plague.

    Guess what happened? Nothing!

    After about nine months of this regimen, I remember thinking to myself, "I feel a lot better now, but where is the money? Where is the success?

    Not only had I failed to gain financially that year, I had gone deeper into debt.

    If I had given up at that point, I would probably be going through the rest of my life thinking that Personal Development does not work.

    But there was one saving grace that prevented my failure in that campaign. And that is that I had a very compelling goal that would not let me quit trying. I had to find SOME WAY to achieve it, and I did not know what else to do except continue with my personal Development effort.

    Then in the tenth month of my regimen, I was unexpectedly offered a loan. I was hesitant to go deeper in debt, but I took it. I used most of the money to buy silver as it was making a meteoric rise in value. I later sold it near the peak of that cycle and made a nice profit.

    At about that same time, I paid $97 for a book on recycling precious metals. This book opened a door for me to a world that I had previously known nothing about. I continue to thrive in that world to this day.

    A number of other providential doors have opened up for me since then. And my life continues to be transformed in other areas as well. Life is good and it is getting better.

    Am I one of those people who keep coming back again and again for self-help books? You'd better believe it. And it is not because they don't work–it is BECAUSE THEY DO.

  16. DFLonDrums

    mark victor hansen comes off awesome in this. the other dude is a dummy.

  17. saintben2008

    steve is obviously a hater.

  18. BigIdeaBadass

    so many haters. mark is an awesome speaker and writer.

  19. Comicbookstoreguy177

    Agree 100%. I picked up a copy of his drivel " cracking the millionaire code " at the airport many years ago and gave up after the third page. I did crack the code. Basically you write a crappy self help book, market and sell to poor people who will make you very wealthy.

  20. Jame Rone

    man I just write bullshit and become rich!! watch out america my new book "Chicken Kebab for a successful life"

    man wot a stupid nation we are to believe those fuckers

  21. Friedrich Josef Roelli

    And, besides of 2000 years Christianity, and decades of self-help, the world is still in “bad” shape, and to a big part, precisely thanks to ORGANIZED religion! After more than 30 years of spending most of my money and time in improving myself, I'm giving up! Because, no worthwhile change that would justify my investment in time and money! Or, I am so deeply flawed, or those things promised just work for the wallet out the authors and editors!

  22. Friedrich Josef Roelli

    how can Mark say that the USA is great?! What is so great about it?! And, as far as I can see, behind the Bible are the different churches, ministers and priests, etc., and ALL of them TO make great money out of BELIEVING what the Bible says! So, it's really the same principle working here … One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist in order to know that most of us people are not happy with our lives, so, of course, the promise of a better life does sell!

  23. SamFreedom

    @pyote5 amen , but why 20?

  24. pyote5

    Ive read Chicken Soup and at least 20+ self help books over the years. I think I can say that Ive never gained anything substantial or improvement from the books. What Ive actually found more beneficial was reading biographies. But any improvements Ive made in my life have all been through my own experiences. I don't think all self help authors are corrupt. I just don't think they help. Mark Hanson here did little to convince me otherwise.Character assassination is the weakest form of debate.

  25. Phar2Rekliss

    Oh yeah guess what, THERE IS NO BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF NON FICTION TITLE in the Guiness Book of World Records Website.

  26. Phar2Rekliss

    I love it when every person who feels and makes a video or makes something they SELL and they CLAIM I AM IN THE GUINESS OF WORLD RECORDS as the #1, to benifit their purpose. Guess what, I never seen you in there buddy so I dont give a shit what your trying to claim.The man is NOT in the guiness book of records and never will be.

  27. Lokeydin

    Ya thats why major corporations spend a lot of money making sure there people at the top are always reading the top self help books, there are scammy ones like there are ever where with everything i have seen lives drastically change, never trust CNN or the media, if you want to? you wanna believe them? its your ass lol

  28. KRSchannel

    Dr. Laura, and her Ph.D? please, her advice is of what she thinks of the world, not what the world thinks of you.

  29. jurums

    "I have no credentials to give that advice." That is SO SO SO ignorant.
    Just think about it. The guy that will give you credentials for something.
    Who gave credentials to him so he could give credentials???

    And the guy that is saying self help books are crap had to write a book and put himself in opposition with something. That's the same stuff that Donald Trump have done with many people. Started a beef with them so he could get free publicity.

  30. fswpro

    MVH, what a scumbag.