If You Give Advice, You Can Write a Great Self-Help Book!

Gioya McRae shares tips on writing self-help books.
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Using frequencies found in the Theta and Alpha range, we have focused on using specific binaural beats that are associated with inner guidance, intuition, inter-awareness of self and purpose, and spiritual and emotional self growth. Using the frequency of Jupiter as the carrier frequency, it promotes spirituality, joviality and creative

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An ideal track to listen to as you meditate, or in prayer, or self-reflection. We hope this will aid you in finding the wisdom, guidance and courage to face whatever challenges life gives.


Try it out for yourself, simply meditate, by clearing all thoughts from your mind and focusing on the tone. Please share your stories and experiences in the comments section below so others can benefit also.

Effect = Will Update with all effects soon!

Binaural beats, or binaural tones, are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, caused by specific physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims coming from the alternative medicine community that binaural beats could help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone: for example, if 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 in the other, then the binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 Hz

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Be sure to wear headphones, relax and set your intention



The binaural beat provided is never to be used as a replacement for the advice of your physician or health care provider or as a replacement to modern medicine. This video should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. If you believe you have a medical condition or problem contact your health care provider. These videos are to be used in conjunction with normal treatments.

Música para relajación y meditación.
Music for relaxation and meditation.
विश्रांति और ध्यान के लिए संगीत.
الموسيقى للاسترخاء والتأمل.
Musik zur Entspannung und Meditation.
Musique pour la relaxation et la méditation.
Musica per il rilassamento e la meditazione.
Música para relaxamento e meditação.
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  1. Joshua Garbenis

    Also, when I say trust, it's like trusting in the master plan of life with the ability to move forward, knowing that all is well and all is taken care of.

  2. Joshua Garbenis

    Do you have any tracks for trust/decisive action? Basically something that is the opposite of hesitation and second guessing. Like belief in self? 

  3. Piotr Szamlewski


  4. Jackie Haverty

    I love this! Where can I purchase this recording?

  5. Binaural Beats for Relaxation, Healing, Astral, Chakra and Spirit

    We just released a brand new track, #selfhelp  and #guidance  , please reshare so others can benefit