General Anxiety Self Help

Do you tend to worry about one thing after another all day? Does it interfere with your life to the existent that it’s really difficult to get anything done? If this sounds familiar it’s quite possible that you are suffering from GAD or general anxiety disorder. I suffered with this problem for a long time in my life, but I did manage to come to a point where I feel calmer and more relaxed. Today I want to share with you what I have learned so you can be helped as well.

1) Find the core emotion behind your worry
If you are suffering with general anxiety there is a good chance that there is a core emotional wound that is driving the whole worry process. Allot of efforts to stop anxiety can be thwarted by not having access to this core emotional wound. If you would like to find the wound, take some time and ask yourself what emotion you may be avoiding in your life or what you don’t want to feel. When you do, you will get a clue as to what may be behind your general anxiety.

2) Getting in touch with the body
Worry and general anxiety is very much a mental preoccupation and we are usually divorced from our bodies when we are engaged in worry. The key to easing our worry and getting in touch with any emotion that is driving it, is to try to focus your attention on your body instead of your mind. When you do you will feel more centered and more in touch with what is really going on for you.

3) Using energy therapies
In my opinion one of the best forms of self help for general anxiety, is to use energy therapies like eft to diffuse the energy that may be stuck in your body, and causing you pain and distress. The trick is to tap on specific points on your body to alleviate the emotional problem and stop the worry and general anxiety.

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