Tyler Hits Up Anthony Robbins Date With Destiny – Talks Reasons For Self Development At A High Level

Tyler of (http://www.rsdnation.com) attends Tony Robbins Date With Destiny seminar, reveals why he continues to study personal development after having already achieved success, delves into what the goals of an effective teacher are to their students.
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The objective of the Self Development Camp is to offer an opportunity for the youth & kid’s to grow, develop and practice the principles of togetherness and self-reliance. The environment in the camps helps to promote teamwork, leadership and unity. These summer camps provide an unparalleled opportunity to get engaged in a meaningful volunteer internship in some of the most exotic and beautiful jungles, mountains, waterways and other little-known adventure spots – far removed from the usual tourist spots. The camps are of educational importance too.

SDC is one & only one of its kind camp which had researched on people, In our survey, We have seen nearly 80% of people who want to do some activities but could not do due to some reason’s. Like Swimming, Skating, Rapling, Scuba Diving Helping Other’s, Self Dependent, Self Deffensive, Keep Fit, Many other thing’s….

Seeing this, a group of different Institution’s tied up with the help of JDEyes Entertainment to make Strong India, and made one group “Self Development Camp” Group. The Institution’s which are involved to develop India are of Martial Art, Yoga, Mallkhamb, Gymnastic, Dance, Swimming, Skating, Mumbai Fire Fighter’s, Doctor’s, etc….
Phone +919820050032
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  1. fuanshin

    I would love to read book "The Narrow Road".

  2. Adam Nold

    Amazing vid owen.

  3. Karl Héðinn

    Tyler you do a great job with these vids reminding me to "stay on the narrow road". Every time I watch one after losing alltidude, I shoot back up. I want to thank you for that.

  4. Santiago Sg

    Do you improvise the hidden affirmations and suggestions on the spot, or do you prepare? If improvised, how can we more easily learn to influence and manipulate using the power of suggestion? I'd love that, instead of being convinced to BUYIN your product. 

    Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime. Teach me how to give the best fishing classes, and I'll sell your fishing rods.

  5. Michael Ryan

    Tyler is a boss. Yolo

  6. Kenji Yamazaki

    Tyler, thank you very much for introducing us to Tony Robin's UPW seminar.  I joined it last week in Chicago.  It was phenomenal.  I am now on 10 days challenge in eating green.  Contrary to the impression I got from Tony's informational on TV, he was not only a great motivational speaker, but also a great scholar.  Without your endorsement, I would not take an action to join his seminar.  Self-development is fun journey!

  7. Pat Townsend

    What Owen said about the 'foundations', is he referring to blueprint? Please let me know

  8. Vincenzo Badalamenti

    Thanks for getting me back on track Tyler. You da man.

  9. dominicjan

    anything in the public sector is basically shit no matter how much money you throw at it

  10. basbym

    Tyler, very usefull stuff man, I really appreciate your free video's. But I see you sunburned in quite a few video's , be carefull for the sun man bad stuff can happen because of the uv radiation on your skin.

  11. Faouzi Laloui

    Tyler we love you.you are a good roll model.and because of you I am taking huge actions.but I want to emphasize that meditation should be done with eyes closed not open , as you had said in some other video.

  12. Percival Fallas

    Tyler is Da Mayor, Period.

  13. FightClub MeetsHere

    17:48 for Tyler's  "Focus" face.

  14. Brett Alexander

    Hell yes thanks for the video Owen! Great stuff 

  15. FullCircleLife

    All over the place, but some gold in between the lines

  16. Teddy T.

    I’m displeased. My friend resides in the bordering room. I’m aggravated because he just grew excellent at picking up gals. The guy discovered the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he’s doing now is banging women. He’s consistently pulling ladies back. I hear it. It’s nasty. If only he had not found that site.

  17. Soman Rama

    Hey Tyler, I'm 21 watching this vid and I also have no thoughts (for the most part) watching this. 😀 I meditate like crazy but I suck balls at social dynamics. TO FOUNDATIONS!!

  18. Sean Ormiston

    No fucking way. This guy cannot be real. This cannot exist outside of a comedians head. I cant believe it.