The Science of Being Great; Self Development & Success Audiobook, by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Great; Self Development & Success Audiobook, by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Great; Self Development & Success Audiobook, by Wallace D. Wattles
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Jessica Chinyelu sits down and DIALOGUE’s with Christian lifestyle and fashion bloggers; Elisabeth Kadesi, Mmii Ubani, Fey Odusoga, and Victoria Chapman on “OWNING YOU!”

These ladies are all embracing their journeys as single women and making fashion statements as women of God!


Elisabeth Kadesi @masterspiece

Fey Odusoga

Victoria Chapman @victoriaexplores

Mmii Ubani @mmii3

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Cinematography: Cordell D. Franklin
Dialogue Intro Song: Written by Jessica Chinyelu
Song Produced by: Giampiero Scuderi
Film Location: Jesus House Dallas
Set Design: Thenoskcaj (Montoya West)

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  1. Michael E Goodwin
  2. Axmed Bahjad

    It's always a pleasure to visit you channel. Well listed; and great intellectual books.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Selma Jackson

    This is indeed a great book. The science of being great

  4. Artisse Sanders


  5. Illuminati Order Grand Lodge Othroerir
  6. Tonye Dick

    Each of these ladies had wonderful messages to bring, and I benefited greatly from this dialogue! To God be all the Glory!

  7. LaCora Stephens

    I'm Loving what you're doing!!!! Keoo it up! #TheYesShow

  8. k Moore

    This has truly inspired me ..thanks so much …wow God is awesome

  9. Chelsea Russell

    So glad I came across this. Very inspiring!

  10. Elisa K. (Miss Elisa K.)

    This was a blessing today. Awesome!

  11. Kris

    I can honestly say that I've never been fully and completely single without having some boo thing on the side to chat with….now that I am saved and fully pursuing God's plan He has led me to a season of just Him and I, and although it is very uncomfortable I know no man can ever love and accept me like Jesus does. I would appreciate any prayer my way as I embark in this season trying to find contentment. I desire His will far above mine I just need my emotions and mind to fall in line lol. Thank you God bless all of you ladies I REALLY enjoyed this discussion.

  12. Ebot Tiku

    Hi or good morning. How do I get an opportunity to be interviewed? I love this and I will live to share my story. God bless

  13. Fiyinfoluwa Obayan

    Mimi looks like Estelle!

  14. chancool nelle

    People pouring out words of wisdom

  15. LifeBecomingFairyTale WithGod

    Would someone pleeese write for me the verse of "Song of Salomon" Mmii said?? I really didn't get it :/ Thank youu a lot

  16. missBrAnDy

    Loved this!!!

  17. Rayna Hernandez (Studiorayn)

    This was so Awesome! Where can we order those Tank-tops?