Tai Lopez – How to Maximize Your Life & Riches Through Self Development

Tai Lopez - How to Maximize Your Life & Riches Through Self Development

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Multi Millionaire Investor & Entrepreneur Tai Lopez shares his advice for living a successful life. Tai was a self made millionaire in his 20’s and was mentored by some of the world’s top business men.

Tai has read over 5,000 books and has an amazing amount of knowledge when it comes to self development.

Enjoy this interview with Tai Lopez and http://Addicted2Success.com founder Joel Brown.
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“15 MUST READ Self Improvement Books Personal Development For Starters”

Whether you’re just getting started with personal development or you already practice personal development, this powerful list of self improvement books will supply you with the tools and resources you need to take total control of your life, and improve your quality of life.

More so, this list will support you in achieving your biggest goals in life, while living at your highest levels of potential.

…Follow The Steps…

Each book has been listed in a particular order, so if you’re unfamiliar with any of the books, start with book #1. Otherwise if you have read some of the books mentioned down below, I highly recommend you go back and read the books you haven’t read, starting from the top of the list.

Keep in mind, to live a life of greatness, you must set a foundation strong enough to support your legacy. The strong foundation being, an enriched and optimized mind.

That being said let’s get started:
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15 MUST READ Self Improvement Books Personal Development For Starters:

Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Sir.Youssouf Touré

    Really smart guy.

  2. Chuck Fortier

    I like your positive energy can you read Bruce Lee jeet kune do and guru Dan Inosanto and sifu Larry hartsell and guru Paul vunak books they are good mentors to me you talked about grace Jiu Jitsu being good for your lifestyle i do lot's of martial arts and thinking of how Bruce Lee wisdom on mixing to my personal environment Bruce Lee is your sister say be like water my friend and flow and adapt to your environment can you research information and use that strategy in your life sir and maybe share it with others on YouTube thank you have a good day

  3. FreeSoapProductions

    I wonder if people would still say that he is a scammer if they didn't know about his background, because whether or not he is the information he speaks about is not bull, although i don't agree with everything he says i would be a fool if i thought his words were not worth listening to

  4. Chappie Blow

    10:28 LOl Tai is putting him to sleep lol Zzzzzzz

  5. bill smith

    Naaaa lejjjjj

  6. Dirk Ruddy

    This guy is a total douchebag.

  7. Paul Stephen
  8. Paul Stephen
  9. neop j

    way too many advertisements of the same ad!

  10. megasif

    Dear Tai Lopez,
    Why are you full of bs? Just b/c you got rich from broke doesn't mean you found the secret to life. There is no secret to life. God gives to whoever he wants. And just b/c you read a book a day doesn't mean you are a genius…It just means you read a lot of bs and you are a book worshiper, which is a sin in the eyes of God. Talk to me. All of the people that claim to endorse you are fake. I've tried contacting them via email and they all come back as failed delivery.

  11. Dirk Diggler

    Tai be my mentor man

  12. Nurbek Jumataev

    here is a list with one of the best books i have read

  13. matthew smith

    have you read the power of now by  eckhart tolle ? it changed my life

  14. David Clinton

    Nice Video!!!