Self Development in Handling Finances

Handling Finances is the most common issue faced by all individual, may you be a student, a white collar, or blue collar employee. Logically speaking, the higher your earnings, the higher will be your expenses.  You may be financially capable but you still need to be aware of your expenses so that you can properly manage your money.  Handling finances requires Self Development. You may be wondering why this is so, let me enlighten you with their correlation.

To manage your finances appropriately you must build up your Self Development this will be towards your attitude in handling finances. What are these Self Development characters? There are two things.


Budget wisely – Spending intelligently initiate with analyzing our life style and deciding what will bring us lifelong contentment and satisfaction. Planning how to budget your money wisely is significant as this is your key to spending your money sensibly. Prepare a budget planner, biweekly or monthly, Write down the actual income and the expenses and calculate the difference. Buy the things that you need most, buying inexpensive items is not bad at all. There are quality things out there that can be bought in a low price; it’s just a matter of finding them. Make sure to list all the things that you need before going to a grocery store because if you don’t most likely you’ll going to buy more than you need and that results to excess spending.  Never ever disregard the “unseen” cost. The “Unseen” costs are the money we spend for small things every day.  When we sum this all up, it consumes almost one fourth of our income. Pay bills on time, to avoid late charges.  If you have superfluous funds left, start saving a little each month.  In a year, it can accumulate to hundreds or thousands savings.

•       Self Discipline – It is important to have this disposition. We must check our spending habits. Always make sure that our hard earned money will be spent to rational expenditure. List separately your needs to your wants; always remember that the needs always come first when it comes to financial plan.  Invest only in products and services that you believe you’re passionate about and you can use long term. Avoid buying on impulse, consider their worth and their utilization, ask yourself, do you really need this? If you think that you can live without it then crash it out on your list.


My name is Igor I graduated with the Degree in Marketing and Advertising. Like any regular guy snowboarding and soccer are my leisure pursuit and relaxation. Moreover my interest is focused on marketing, advertising, networking and most specially sharing experience and skills.  As a kid I have been fascinated to success and achievement of every known personality. I listen to their stories of success and triumph. As I grow up, I progressively understand the rationale of these victories. It is indeed the Self Development.
It is my credence that Self Development is the foundation of success and advancement in the course of life.  An unyielding Personal Development instigate in our belief, that success is base on what attitude we posses, it is the spirit of our willingness. If our heart and our mind are willing, our action goes along with it. Confidence will flow in our character.
A toast to all who works best to improve Self Development to achieve ultimate success in all accomplishments. Please visit my spot we are ready to lend a hand.

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