Self Development by Attraction

Tiny changes will yield huge results, by merely changing your thinking, you will change your mindset, your habits and actions. Through the Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction, you can “attract” the financial and personal freedom that most only dream about. It really boils down to attitude and tapping in to the massive reserve that is your subconscious.

Be honest with yourself and answer these questions. What Do I Want? What Am I Going To Do About It?
How Will I Know When I’ve Got It? These are simply answered when we detach ourselves from any outcome and merely stay in the now. Enjoyment and gratitude of where we are and what we are doing will attract more that will give us enjoyment and gratitude.

Now that you have learned to conceive, believe and you can achieve. It is the psychology of excellence, develop your natural confidence, your self esteem and realize what a diamond you really are. Using the power of thought, you can literally create a reality that mimics your innermost dreams and aspirations. You can create happiness, abundance and even good health.

Thinking creates an image, images control feelings, feelings create actions and actions create results.
Thoughts Do Become Things, Choose Wisely. There is one original formless “stuff” or substance from which all things are made. This “stuff” is thinking “stuff” a thought held in it produces form of thought and man does create what he is thinking about.

Nothing is created by man without a thought first. As the Bible says, “As a man thinketh, so shall he be”.
By becoming a master of your mind you will lose all doubt and fear, for you will know that you can create what you want to create, you can get what you want to have and you can become what you want to become. BE, DO,HAVE. With all the manifesting, believing and faith, you still have to do. For as “Faith Without Works Is Dead” so it is with the

Having answered your questions, you know your direction and you have clarity of purpose. Align with your purpose, live your purpose, it will come from your soul you will be totally present. You will connect with the Infinite Source. “I am in God’s Love, The Universe Is In My Body.

You see, at the core, everything is energy and you will attract the energy you concentrate on. So resonate with positive energy and attract the financial and personal freedom you want. You can do it and I can help.

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