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This is challenge #25 of the self-development program. Let’s be a “free” woman! This video will show you how and will give you practical tools to put it in action!

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Stay motivated and keep pressing forward to live the life of your dreams and become the happiest woman you know!

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  1. EcouiaTV

    I love this focus on the future

  2. biblescraps

    True! Blessings…..

  3. Anna Maria

    Great video tfs :)

  4. EuniceForevs

    great video! I just subscribed I would appreciate it if you did the same :)

  5. Donna's Mature Life

    Another AWESOME video. If I want to get over something, I literally take it out of my vocabulary. If I don't allow myself to speak of it, I eventually forget about it. Such wonderful advice. God Bless. xo Donna

  6. Xaimarys

    Feeling free is important. Looking gorgeous as always

  7. MaryEllen After 60

    I am so impressed by you, Diana!! Love this. Many blessings, prayers, and love..MaryEllen

  8. mixie

    So true! Such a great tip as always sweetie! Loved this! :) xx

  9. OliviaRoseX

    This has to be my fave of the series!! :) Loved it hun <3 x

  10. the creation of beauty is art.

    Thanks for this! I am definitely going to try to focus on the future :)

  11. Nicole Ana

    Wonderful message thank you for sharing! 😘

  12. karlyray

    great tips! great video as always :)

  13. Brooklyn Nicole

    Great video!

  14. Linda Igbo

    Great video Diana

  15. Heartyheart22

    Lovely video :) I've just subscribed x

  16. Mandy Web


  17. Pweety daily


  18. BlondeHilton

    This is a great video and good quality, definitely helpful and I love how you've been posting everyday! Keep it up :) Just had time to checl out your channel and subbed! xx