Focus On Your Journey – MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

Focus On Your Journey - MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

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Tyrese Gibson.

All video content was taken from this great channel:
I Highly recommend you check it out.

Some of the footage of the “Lion Whisperer” was supplied by GoPro and their channel can be found here:

Loss A Twin – Brian Tyler
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  1. Thomas Franz

    Hey, I write inspirational articles and I always look out for great and new content as inspirational and motivational content is mostly the same. You got what I am looking for, I love it.

    Keep up the great work and I wish you all the energy you need on your journey.

    Stay strong,

  2. Kevin TheCatMan Hand™

    . My wish, my hope, what I believe . . .


  3. Jonas Stockinger


  4. Micah A

    This right here!! Unbelievably Powerful!! Wow!

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  6. 25Newengland

    There is no way I could of became the person I am today if I had not decided 2 years ago to permanently delete Facebook and stay off social networking to take time to work on myself and strengthen all the weaknesses in my character

  7. bdills89

    damn this is a big eye opener to me. I've wasted so much time on pointless trivial things.

  8. Curtis Pittman


  9. freedomfyter

    damn this is a good one!

  10. James Rounce

    Thank you and pls keep posting

  11. Brandon Whistler

    Awesome video!

  12. Matan Ofer

    hi, first of all thanks for the video and well done on the work you made combining all these together!

    secondly, I looked at the description and noticed the narrator is unwritten. Would appreciate giving the source so I can look him her up. 

    thanks in advance

  13. twanaismael

    Thank you so much for posting this video reminded me something which I really have forgotten.. Thank u again.. keep going ..

  14. Ed Barnard

    Great video

  15. Project Self Development

    Hope You Enjoy!!