Eight Pillars of Prosperity, Self-Development Audiobook, by James Allen

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  1. Mark Frerichs

    Andrea has the perfect voice for this reading, Thank you so much

  2. gmnnn1

    More people need to see this! I spent my youth watching Television, I learned nothing about truth and morality and the consequences of ignoring them. Therefor I spent most of my time in misery. This is a beautiful thing!

  3. S White

    James Allen rocked my whole world

  4. ReallyStrongGuy

    Can't help but wonder how the world would improve if the number of people who've spent 400 hours listening to Justin B, Rihanna, etc would spend 4 hours listening to this, or something similar…

  5. Hulko Papparappapparatiba

    How lovely, I really love people who give wisdom to the world, i feel inside me peace and I'd like to see it all over the world , I have this vision of a world full of love.

  6. James Simpson

    This evening I settled into my lonely bed with my headset on and listened to the warm and soothing voice of Andrea Fiore reading this phenomenal book.  Ere long I was on a marvelously tranquil, relaxing walk with her as she interpreted the principles set forth on eight great pillars we passed along our way to a wondrous place called prosperity.  Thank you, Andrea Fiore, for a pleasant dreamstate.  From my heart to yours . . . JS