CSM Schultz’s message about Structured Self Development.

Army Reserve Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Schultz discusses structured self development.
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Joel Brown - How Important is Self Development To You?

Joel Brown, the Founder & CEO of The Top Self Development website Addicted2Success.com shares his inspiring words of advice.

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  1. Ruslan Batko

    I am currently enrolled in SSD2. CSM is this all you want to know? I understand that the army doest have the money to do real training, but this stuff is not cutting it. You and I know soldiers hate it. We are all clicking through that crap starting with e1 to e9. I find all the answers on google. Its all open source information. Don't you know this generation hates everything that takes more than 2 minutes. This stuff is boring. In fact such training is detrimental in a long run. Soldiers will not remember anything from this so called structured development. Have you had one positive comment on this? Just listen to your soldiers.

  2. Pat SingR

    Good concepts but lousy delivery platform. Every industries can make online courses so easy and successful launching they programs. but ALMS is the worst plus it's wasting of time and money –I think it is a scam try to make money from the tax payers.

  3. ARC1313

    lol , and russia and china are training… real training… training to kill

  4. Gabe Solano

    I hate ALMS man this stupid website is garbage Never works and I get in trouble because of it

  5. JRPeyesatsne

    Get this fucking website to work!!! My browser is up to date, other courses on the website work, and yet this POS course refuses to launch, or when it does displays chinese characters and unusable buttons. When I try emailing the website's listed tech support, it REFUSES to accept my email. Fuck you guys.

  6. Luke Rodrick

    CSM Schultz should spend more of his precious time getting the fucking program to work instead of making pointless youtube videos. I think they hire the same blind people who make the army pens to design these websites. I doubt anything will change because the people who dream up these "brilliant programs" will never have to use them.

  7. RCS, Inc.

    How do you pick yourself up after a series of tragedies knock the wind out of you and leave you paralyzed, confused, and afraid to fail again. How to you get yourself to the point of just wanting to give it another try????

  8. Uzair Saiyed

    Great Video , Thanks Addicted2success

  9. Visionary Motivation

    Right on addicted to success! Keep it moving!

  10. Conquer Life Mindset | Trey & Autumn

    We LOVE A2S.  You all have great content and just an ocean of motivation and good will.  You've inspired us to fully embark on our own journey.  

  11. VanillaFrog

    NICE VIDEO!! <3 Join my world for more Goodiesabout Self Live, Self Development and Natural Health Care 😀 <3 See you soon!

  12. Chelsee Garrett

    Thanks Joel,

    Hope you keep being addicted to success, once chance mate this is it……..NW

  13. Vijaya Lakshmi

    Dear Joel,
    I highly appreciate your yeoman service. it is good that success and improvement should always be contagious. An excellent mission. Keep it up.
    Vijaya Lakshmi 

  14. Rayson Choo

    I love the podcasts, quotes, videos and articles shared. Truly inspiring, thank you!

  15. Khaled Aljassim

    Great video,great knowledge and good luck .

  16. Iva Ursano

    You rock! Thanx for keeping it real for us! I think that is important. 💜

  17. Chemical Engineering Guy

    cool video!

    PS: your haircut is fine!

  18. Spicy Crabs

    cool. I'm from the Philippines.😄

  19. Abdullah Khan

    Wish you all the very best. You are doing a great job.. I will love to be a part of this..