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Spirituality | Astrology | Jupiter In LEO | Creative self Actualization


This channel is created for the teaching of a spiritual art of Astrology.

These teachings are to educate everyone on the importance and effect of astrology why it still matters.

Through explaining how the zodiac reflects conscious evolution. I share insights into how the constellations express themselves. Simon Vorster channel principles of astrology are grounded in evolutionary astrology understanding of the 12 sign zodiac archetypes.
Using the karmic method of Pluto and seeing how the others planets interweave themselves with in our soul and ego lives

Here on simonvorster we learn about how to create self-empowerment and to liberation humanity from the conditioning patters of the past.
To create self awareness – help in raising our vibrations –
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  1. sweetwildflower

    To make a long story short, Your 400+ Affirmations, SAVED my life. I lost everything and on top of it, had a severe allergic reaction. The affirmations literally kept me sane and making better days. I'm still working at getting back, however I'm on the right track.

  2. Lydia Brown

    my ears! Eeek whisper please