Becoming Self-Actualized: realizing your full potential

Becoming Self-Actualized: realizing your full potential

Becoming self-actualized is your birthright, it is perhaps your highest calling in life. This introductory video paints a picture of what the mind-set of the self-actualized person looks like so that you can work towards this most desirable of states.

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I think the biggest secret to self-actualization is that there’s really no such thing, because as a human being for you to go through life you need to be open to learning and growing and evolving. You know the person that you were yesterday does not need to be the person that you are today unless you are making the same choices that you were yesterday. So self-actualization is a combination of having a really solid relationship with yourself that includes self esteem and confidence, but it also allows for the process of learning about who you are and what you want and what you came here to do. Self-actualization is a process and it’s a journey. It’s not a statement and it’s not an outcome. You know, I would feel foolish to say that I am a self-actualized person, because in stating that, I would be insinuating that my growth is done. You know, so if accomplishing a goal, you know it starts out, it’s you conceive the idea, and then you go through the pregnancy which is all of the steps that you need to take, and then it’s born into life, whether that’s a relationship or that’s a professional accomplishment or it’s a degree, whatever the accomplishment is. Then there is that in-between space, and people who are on the path of self-actualization really delight in that in-between space, and they are comfortable in that in-between space, and they love the cycle of life where it’s life and then growth and then death and then rebirth. You know they really embrace that and all of the metaphors and ways that it manifests in our life.

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  1. most diggity

    Outstanding. Thank you David. But why did Maslow have to use that damn pyramid? Feel like I'm about to OD on that symbol…

  2. Brenda Mendez

    I can connect everything you describe to myself. I truly in tuned with reality. I understand life from its great extent down to a single organism. Meditate daily. I'm see myself as one with the universe and I believe life has no purpose but to wake up everyday, i know I'm a successful human being. I not judge mental but I view society as a two way mirror cube and I'm in the center looking out. I've came to realize I am not ordinary. But for this same reason I feel unrecognizable. Almost alien like. This feeling has been driving me crazy wanting to find a reason but fall into depression. I reach the top to fall back down. Where do I go from here??

  3. thomastrouble

    thank you david, i enjoyed this video

  4. Jonathan Levin

    Thanks David. Made notes and found the way you presented to be really clear, gentle and completely digestible.

  5. DaMan1964

    Most informative..thx

  6. Wally Otai

    I like it when u said open to learning and growing …. Can you post a video about people who think they know everything because they are older?

  7. nstyleid

    Remember… Stars won't shine without darkness… :)

  8. GottaGoFast

    The Motto

  9. Nessie Rainbow


  10. YorickReturns

    YOLO = drunken blow-jobs

  11. treenut999