Your words and thoughts have physical power – Will Smith

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Your words and thoughts have physical power.

In life many people wonder why things dont always go the way
they want them to but do not realize that in every thought they
think and words they speak starts the physical formation
of what begins to appears in our lives. It is normal to have negative
thoughts from time to time because we do not live in a perfect world,
Or Do We? The key is when a thought like that shows
up you just need to make the decision wether or not you want to
entertain that though for a long time or if you want to change the path
to a better one immediately. This is where skill comes in to play.
With all things you must practice to make perfect, all though some
are borne with more talent than other, anyone can hone the skills of
being discipline and beat there fears into submission.
it was once said “your biggest fear should be fear itself” I would have
to say this is pretty right on. Why? Because fear is a negative emotion
and because of fear you tend to pay more attention
to it which starts the physical birth of some kind of reaction.
This is why most people that fear that they are going to get hurt get
hurt more than the rest. Or think they are going to be sick and
then it happens. If you fear that you dont have enough money to
pay the bills and speak and think these thoughts and words everyday
then guess what, You are creating the physical reaction to
show up in your life. This is why it is good to marinate yourself in
unconditional love and positive good words and belief that good things are
heading your way at all times. You deserve it, It is your birth right.
Own it. except it. enjoy it. Live it. know it is in your escrow. more and more, every
moment. and when the other thoughts of fear come, Do Not Entertain
it. leave it behind and get right back on track with the truth!
Live every monent of this life like there is no tomorrow, because it is
not a rehearsal. So Start getting from it what is yours. GREATNESS!!!

Mark Sansom

Ps. I really like Wills attitude in which he attacks life with passion
Will Smith is a Cool Dude and has a good grasp on the truth.

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  1. Jon Jones

    this really helped me. thank you for uploading it. I genuinely appreciate it

  2. bartcolen

    I'm not surprised that Will Smith is a cool guy. I'm surprised at HOW cool a guy he is. Much respect to the man.

  3. trevor ayd

    Very Enlightening!
    He is Brilliant!

  4. foreigncarsrule

    I couldn't finish it and I like the alchemist too but, obviously Will has never looked up the definition for the word alchemist so his belief is ironic anyway after looking at this I truly believe more than ever that Will is a scientologist and there is nothing wrong with him being one in and of itsself he is free to believe in what he wants but the problem I have is the covering it up part why bother covering it up when so many celebs are part of that sect? 

  5. Jacob Fields (Pastor Jacob)

    That moment when you realize that Will Smith is a worthy and memorable Philosopher and hundreds of years from now his acting and music careers will be side notes to who he was.

  6. Alex Z

    What about work ethic talent?

  7. Pearl Joy Jayme

    Thank you for inspiration to us.

  8. LipJobby

    A lot of black families could learn from him and his father.

  9. William R.

    Do you know Will Smith ?
    I'm going to sit and chat with him,
    You dont know him? Ok,
    Maybe you know someone who does ?

  10. Sarah Leigh

    Love it! I love my life too :) Great to know others do too and they should, we all should!

  11. Michael Roman (Cloudtwenty2)

    VIBES, well said. Insightful.