The Power of Positive Thinking

Everyone is brought up believing that they are going to have the best life possible and that “happily ever after” will be your life. Our generation, especially, must thrive on positive thinking.  Even during a recession and the ever-crumbling economy, most people still think that the future is bright and everything will be ok.

Does positive thinking mean that just “thinking” like that will make all the difference? Does it mean that you can be faced with a bad situation and all you must do is think positive? Yes, thinking in a positive way will give you the confidence and hope to stand up again, face the world, formulate strategies and move forward! But a person needs to have the faith and hope and actually move forward. The person cannot just hope against hope that all will be OK and magically his life will turn around. It does not work like that. You need to face the situation, accept the reality, and positively think that you can conquer this adverse phase. The power of positive thinking is tremendous. It gives you the motivation, faith and confidence to move on and face the world. It does not mean you will be faced with only good phases in your life but when faced with a challenge, thinking positive thoughts will provide strength and courage to look and walk confidently ahead.

It is not always easy to focus on the positive especially when you are down in the dumps. It is easier said than done  when you are faced with a challenge, but during such times, try focusing on all your previous achievements. Focus on things that make you smile and happy! Remember, you have conquered mountains in the past and this is just another struggle. Life will always throw you challenges, we need to face them. Remember, no challenge is unconquerable. Life throws us only those challenges which can be faced by us! Just be persistent. Negative thoughts have a way of creeping back in. Be aware of them. At the same time, acknowledge that negative thoughts can never really go away. But to keep them at bay continuously is also possible through persistence and perseverance.

Once, a person is confident about himself, positive thinking will come naturally. The power of positive thinking is tremendous. Keep focusing on your achievements and think about a bright future. You will surely find yourself on a positive path!


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