The Magic Book: POSITIVE THOUGHTS, Guided Spoken Meditation Visualization+ Theta, Positive Thinking

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The Magic Book Guided Meditation – POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND AFFIRMATIONS. An ideal meditation for belief in oneself, and affirmations of self love and confidence. (Warning: With Theta Binaural Beats for deep relaxation – please see warnings below!)

Music: “Enlighten Me” By Christopher Lloyd Clarke – Copyright Spire Audio – Music available from:

narration: Jason Stephenson
Written By: Amelia Schmelzer

Please remember to never listen to binaural beats if you fall into any of the following categories:

Under 16 years of age
Are pregnant
Wear a pacemaker
Suffer from seizures of any kind
Are driving or operating machinery of any kind.

This music is never to take the place of professional medical advice or assistance of any kind.

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  1. Patrick Moore

    Perfect! Loved this ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Sekenah Tennison

    Beautiful and perfect! Thank you.

  3. Ataensic Media

    powerful thank you this is truly a quality meditation

  4. Rajdeep Bh

    Too good :)

  5. Michael Mak Freeman

    This is so beautiful! when I visualize my family and friend I started to cry… it is 4 years since I left home and saw them. I miss them even more.
    this meditation gave me the strength to forgive my family
    Thank you

  6. leanne x

    As soon as i was told to open the first door and to see myself sitting with family made my cry so much, i have became a shell of what i used to be and this has opened my eyes, thank you x

  7. Alondra Elizabeth

    I had previously struggled with truly visualizing while doing these types of meditations. But this one did wonders for me. Thank You so much for uploading this!

  8. Nikoletta Stylianou

    This was amazing!! :)

  9. Belinda Maldonado

    Hi Jason! I hope you're having an amazing day. I was wondering as I read in the description why can't someone who's pregnant listen to this? Just curios. 

  10. Naturalista4me

    Beautiful. Thank you.:-)

  11. steve bolder

    hello…will this help me even if I don'y have earphones…I listen while I walk around or rest…thank you