SONICAID music to inspire positive thinking juin 2013

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  1. Rainboww Cupcake

    You guys are all beautiful .

  2. ivan77navi1

    nice sound therapy

  3. groove3111

    sounds good to my ears

  4. Lari Miyamoto

    I call this bath music and video….great with a bubble bath

  5. sandy25767

    Je vous remercie tous pour vos commentaires et suis vraiment contente que ce clip vous plaît.
    Merci à tous pour votre fidélité.

  6. Shanice Best

    great video, love the scene

  7. nicole burleigh

    I really like this alot♥

  8. Toñi Castillo

    I love this!!

  9. fraidoon shahab

    Love you so much

  10. fraidoon shahab

    About this music, my lovely friend suggest me to listen,really it is great and the pictures are so beautiful, I liked a lot, love you so mush babe

  11. Toñi Castillo

    Incredibly beautiful thanks

  12. Toñi Castillo

    Que video bello me encanta

  13. Andrea Henry



    Gentle. Isaiah 30:15. Thank you for this lovely soundscape of peace.

  15. Whale Super

    This is so great ,and help me lot anyway