Positive Thinking Will Not Do It Alone So Bob Proctor Shares The Law Of Success Secrets

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Positive Thinking Will Not Do It Alone So Bob Proctor Shares The Law Of Success Secrets

If you’re now struggling to get what you want in life or just frustrated with your life in general, I can relate, and I have some good news for you. I’ve discovered some information that guarantees the elimination of struggle and frustration and in fact will make getting what you want in life easier than ever before.

I’d like to tell you about my experience with The 11 Forgotten Laws, a new program that’s already helped a lot people to get exactly what they want in life quickly and easily. You can download it from the website directly, and in a moment I’ll tell you how.

By the way, my name is Rob Moore. Several times throughout my life I have struggled to get the things that I wanted in my life and many of those times led to frustration, worry, and even doubt. I thought that hard work was the answer and I was really good at working hard to the point that I would literally do nothing but work but that only got me a few things that I wanted in my life.

I used to feel embarrassed when I would see people who were less intelligent than me having more than me and obtaining these things with little to no effort. I still remember what it was like during every one of those experiences even though some of them happened many years ago. It wasn’t until I discovered this type of information that everything changed literally overnight for me.

Now getting what I want is no longer a matter of “If” I’m going to get something, it’s a matter of “When” I’m going to get it. That’s why I recommend “The 11 Forgotten Laws” to every one that I know. The only reason why you don’t have the things that you want in your life right now is because you have a lack of awareness. This program solves that problem by giving you the secret knowledge that a very small percentage of people know and understand.

Now what that means to you is that inside this program, you’ll find some simple but profound information and advice that will give you the ability to have anything and everything that you could ever imagine in your life guaranteed just like the most successful people in the world.

Imagine: After learning what I was about to learn, you’ll be able to: Uncover answers to the most pressing questions in your life, in the most profound way, upward Bound Thinking: an efficient way of unleashing a positive whirlwind that attracts a flurry of positive coincidences, expect astonishing coincidences—by becoming a prowling lion?

Cut failure rate by half with this little-known mental technique, increase your capacity to attract larger things, the ultimate crisis survival secret. To escape the storm, you must grin at it, you’ll be provided with a step-by-step guide, and much more.

I know from my own research and experience that if you get The 11 Forgotten Laws you can be on your way to getting exactly what you want in your life in just 24 hours from now. You can have, do, and be anything that you want in your life with these teachings.

To try “The 11 Forgotten Laws” now, I invite you to click on the link below, to get started.

http://bit.ly/1jgmMC3 – Learn “The 11 Forgotten Laws” Here!
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Fahmi Iskander Fahmi manages of one of Sudan’s oldest Bookshops and Publishing companies, Marawi Bookshop & Publishers. Shortly after completing a PhD in Psychology in the UK specialising in the Psychology of Marketing, Fahmi discovered another love – music, in addition to his enduring love of books. Fahmi then started seeing links between happiness and a positive attitude that could be achieved by combining music, the understanding of human energy fields and a sharpened sense of awareness!

Fahmi believes that success is a result of fruitful team work, so he maintains that when one says “I did this” or “I made that”, it is in fact “WE” and credits everything positive in his life to others around him, be it family, friends, students, colleagues or loved ones. He believes that by combining music with the basic human nature of giving and wanting to have fun & just let go has and will continue to be the best way to achieve happiness. Fahmi did his part in spreading happiness through his generosity and benevolence and by volunteering. In 2005, he (along with a whole team of friends) set up salsa4sudan.com in association with the British Red Cross to benefit the Darfur crisis at the time.

Since moving to Sudan, he has been an active member of the Khartoum Caledonian Society, a charity that helps handicapped and under privileged children in Sudan. Having qualified as a dance fitness instructor, he now strives to spread a few smiles, happiness, and good health sprinkled with a dash of positive mental attitude…all through MUSIC!

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    i don't get you is he supposed to stand there and cry while he's giving a presentation on how to think positively?

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    Very positive speech!! Thank you, you've really inspired me.