Positive Thinking Subliminal – Chill-Out Mix

Download Free Positive Thinking Subliminal – Chill-Out Mix here:

Positive thoughts produce positive results. The only problem is that some of our most persistent, self-defeating beliefs are stored deep in the unconscious mind, where they have the power to undermine our happiness and sabotage our success. Positive thinking, like confidence is a real game changer in anyone’s personality.

This album is a mix of subliminal messages hidding behind wonderful chill-out music. Hope you like it.

The following affirmations have been used

I am positive
I am always positive
I can do anything
There are no limits to what I can achieve
I like myself
I love myself
There is something positive in every situation
I forgive every person who has ever hurt me
I forgive myself all of my past mistakes
I love being positive
I become more positive every day
I learn from every experience
I am grateful for every lesson I have ever learned

You can download the complete album plus a completely silent version of the subliminal messages on my site for free.

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  1. Vj Sharma


  2. CovertAgent7

    For some reason this one gives me a headache, but the piano mix does not. O_o;

    I think I am defective.

  3. Mocha Molly Bradbury

    Best study music ever! Thankyou!

  4. hlb0111

    In future ones, can you avoid using words like "no" and "not" because affirmations are supposed to be framed with the positive so as to avoid attracting the negative? Saying "I am a limitless person"for example.

  5. Michelle Simon

    I really loved listening to this Chill-Out Mix.  I was hoping you'd make others with this kind of theme and variation.  Thanks.

  6. Clare Kelsey

    are there binaural or isochronic beats used with this? if so, at what frequencies. this is very nice but u need to provide more basic information so one can know if they will be more lively or more sleepy or …

  7. Ell Doe

    Not sure if this works or not… but I do enjoy listening to this music. Very pleasant and easy to listen to. Oh wait! Maybe it is working. … that's why I like listening to this….makes me feel good. Whatever the reason this is on my favorite list. Thanks for providing this.

  8. Christine Knotts

    just wondering, I read in another comment that it is not reccomended that we listen to more than one at a time, but is it okay to listen to different versions of the same messages? I see you have more than one of "positive thinking"…thank you!!!!!!

  9. elisa behrens

    Thank you so much for sharing – Filling my soul with beautiful music.  :-)

  10. Dj Mac


  11. truth

    americanrelic2hear you are a moron

  12. Lynnie

    I trust you'll feel the vibe.  And I agree.

  13. Sue Hargreaves