Positive Thinking – Binaural + Deep Hypnosis Subliminal (Positive Energy) – Relaxation Meditation

Positive Thinking - Binaural + Deep Hypnosis Subliminal (Positive Energy) - Relaxation Meditation

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Build Self Confidence – visual subliminal hypnosis + binaural beats

*INTENSITY WARNING*Trauma Recovery – 528hz (DNA repair)

Welcome to Positive Mindset subliminal messages and Binaural Beats meditation session. Program your subconscious mind to think positive.
Base frequencies
90 hz (sense of good feelings, sense of security, well being) -15min
172.06 hz (sense of joyfulness) — 15 min
8 hz alpha brain waves – Thinking positive,pleasant emotions, mental balance, inspiration, motivation, calmness

This Deep subliminal hypnosis will help you have better approach towards your life, optimism and will give you motivational skills to achieve goals.
Listen daily before sleep. Do NOT listen before operation machines.

List of positive thinking affirmations that are used in this session:
I see the world with a positive perspective | I understand that everything that happens in my life, happens for the best | Even if an unpleasant event happens to me, I learn the right lesson and implement it | The world is smiling at me every day that goes by | The universe sends wonderful events and good people into my life | Having a Positive outlook makes me feel good all the time | Having a Positive outlook of life events makes me attract more and more good things | I always find the positive in everything | When I encounter mean people, I take the good from them and let them go | I feel positive emotions, even in stressful situations | Positive thinking is a natural trait of mine | I find it easy to see the positive aspects in life | When I feel positive emotions, I attract enormous abundance easily
A positive mindset creates a positive environment around me

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  1. hardworkingpupils

    Writing hypnosis scripts whilst listening to this. Love it! :) Headphones on, writing faster and more each time! :)

  2. peter wilson

    Your vids are the ONLY subliminal sound ones that I listen to…if I listen closely to this video, I can just barely hear the affirmations…

  3. Peter w. Pyle

    Sounds like some of the background music from "Please Teacher".

  4. maria taylor

    I love you music

  5. Jordan Laukala

    Thank you! I love your work.

  6. Marc Krueger

    The music side of my soul/mind is always analyzing, figuring out, searching for rhythm, counter-melodies…  It takes a bit to get into this – but it is awesome if I just hang on, relax, and give it time.  Thank you for giving out such an awesome tool!

  7. Shawn Jimmy

    I will listen to this for a few weeks with belief and I will see if this actually works 

  8. CALM Space

    Amazing SELF-HELP Mind-Body Healing method .. Listen DAILY to move you steadily toward a CALM Mind and general Well-Being 
    The sound frequencies in the HEALING Music help your mind to easily relax .. and assist effortless absorption of the Subliminal Affirmations – programmed to positively change how you view yourself and how you conduct your life.
    This is effortless and powerful mind re-programming.
    EACH time you listen you RELEASE anxiety, fear, self doubt and hurt .. re-building your Self Belief and Confidence .. moving steadily toward a CALM Mind and general Well-Being 

  9. Ezequiel Arroyo

    I have severe panic attacks when I fall asleep . I listen to this & it helps a lot thank you ! 😌