Develop Positive Thinking, Positive Energy, Growth Mindset – Subliminal Binaural Beats Meditation

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Welcome to the positive thinking session. If you are looking to develop a positive thinking, growth mindset attract abundance, cover yourself with positive divine energy and carry a positive attitude, I highly advise you to listen daily with headphones.

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The subliminal affirmations below are covered by relaxing music and Binaural Beats. The Brainwave Entrainment will send relaxing frequency signals and those will put your brain in relaxation zone. Relaxing state maximize the receptiveness of the subliminal messages.

Headphones are a must. Listen repetitively on a daily basis for at least 4 weeks.

The subliminal affirmations used in this session:
I have positive interpretations of life events | My positive outlook serves me greatly in all areas of life | My positive thinking brings me more abundance and wonderful experiences
With my positive mindset, I attract the exact practical tools I need | Positive thinking enables me to make the most of my life | I find it easy to deal with any of life’s circumstances | It is safe for me to carry positive thoughts | My mind and soul contain affirmative powerful beliefs | My positive subconscious mindset attracts more abundance every day | I love living life and enjoy every second on this earth | My positive spirit inspires others to become better | Positive thoughts make me feel happier, more vibrant and more energetic | Positive energy surrounds my body, mind and halo | I feel thankful and full of gratitude for what I have in life | It feels amazing to attract all that I need and want
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  1. Peter Kimble

    Two weeks ago my 15year old son Harry died after a long battle against Leukemia. Now I think WWHD (what would Harry do) He would say, " Dad use videos like this one and go swimming to get fit in your fifties, and achieve some of the great things I would have done if I had not have been called up to Heaven. God bless you my son. Thanks Vortex Success…

  2. itdoesntshine

    Vortex Success you are doing humanity a great service <3 Thank you so much for these videos, they are changing my life! I only listened 4 days and I already am starting to see the differences in my thoughts, reactions and behaviors <3 Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  3. Roland's Steampunkery

    Even without the binaural beats. The tune is cool. LIke the credit roll at the end of an RPG. A "you just saved the world." tune.

  4. Tanya twin

    I wish you can make a video for Focus problem. to help people to Focus on Goals, desirer, daily lives.

  5. Mema Mitchell

    This piece is absolutely AMAZING,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mema Mitchell

    OMG, how marvelous! Like walking on a cloud.

  7. Huntie Please

    how many times per day should i listen to this?

  8. andrea miranda

    this works!!!

  9. klaas huntelaar

    can i listen to this if i'am dutch ? i understand the englisch affirmations though.

  10. Michyle Glen

    I am downloading it now and will try to keep a record of my attitudes ect.

  11. richard mayger

    Thank you thank you thank you. 

  12. Nate Zeller

    Also, is the concept behind the subliminal meditation related to religion in any way? I need to have this question answered please. I would like to become naturally more positive with myself and my outlook on life, but not through the guidance of religion or any type of god.

  13. Nate Zeller

    Should I listen to this specific video of yours daily, or rotate through your other videos throughout the next several weeks?

  14. Barbara Voll

    having an ad placed  AFTER  the video is just wrong, if not evil. Under the guise of  "Self help", you open a person's subconscious to deliver positive affirmations AND THEN  sell a commercial ! Bad show ! You should state that crap up front. I feel violated.

  15. Daniel McLaughlin

    I want to learn this song on piano. Can you tell me who it is +Vortex Success ?