Change Your Life with the Power of Positive Thinking

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Can you guess what the most successful and happy people think about all day long? The answer is simple. Healthy, happy people think about what they want, and how to get it, most of the time. The power of positive thinking and developing a positive attitude are two of the most important qualities a person can have to change their life.


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Mind control and the power of positive thinking – Steve Maxwell.
Steve Maxwell returns to London Real.



2pas0s – Annik
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  1. Dave Jacobson

    Great advice, I have been watching this video repeatedly and it really helps if you actually do the work of putting his advice into practice. You can push back against your negative mindset and it is fantastic when you do.

  2. The Man

    the last time i tried a daily positive happy illusion, i was waken up being mugged at broad daylight. I was hospitalize and lost all my cards n id

  3. Hannah Forrest

    Goals are dreams with a deadline. Kudos BT your audios and my iPod got me thru on the "sunny side" of being a clerk for the post office..moons ago
    when young we live with our dreams when old we live with our conscience.

  4. Prateeik Sharma

    You are correct

  5. phlewis86

    What about when someone you love is ill? How can you be happy about that?

  6. Rami Hussain

    Thanks Brian, that's so helpful and I will be always dwell on positive mode so when I find myself sinking right in negative pattern of thoughts I could just flip switch right back to positivity and optimisim which certainly leads to wellbeing. Im already positive but that pretty much increased my very positive attitude, im so grateful to learn all this. Thanks !!

  7. Richard Murphy

    Keep your mind on what YOU WANT!!! NOT what you don't want.

  8. Elisa Herrera

    Keep your mind on what YOU WANT!!! NOT what you don't want.

  9. Rattan Negi

    thank  you sir :)

  10. martin tepass

    Read the Book "Die Brücke zum frohen Leben" everything is explained there

  11. Joseph F

    Phenomenal snippet! I loved the message, music as well as the questions! Keep inspiring us sir.. It's more than appreciated!

  12. Melanie Johnson

    Love this so much! 🌀✨💕

  13. d.s. cordoba-bahle

    Can I also make your cauliflower ear disappear with positive mind control? Come on. Grow up and face reality. The world (and life) is a 'bit' more complex than thinking positive. The optimism bias (to name but one example) is actually a quite frequent cause of unnecessary hardship and failure.

  14. Daniel Garcia

    hey Brian may you continue witht his channel forever? your videos are a constant inspiration for all of us you are literally changing the world for the better.

  15. Res0nator

    Watched Dorian Yates yesterday. They basically have the same message; condition your mind to whatever you want it in life, grind and show up every day – and you shall create your reality. Praise Odin!

  16. George Kisov

    Brian, what you're doing is awesome! Steve is great man and this video is eye-opening for me, I downloaded it and every morning I will listen to it. I suggest every guy that have problems with negativity to watch this video in the morning.

  17. jumz82

    Hi Brian I offent watch you videos on my TV trough the YouTube App this has become non option since you only post half your interviews on YouTube now,
    I know I can watch the full interviews on the LondonReal website, I would like to make a suggestion to you please?
    a LondonReal videos and social media App where you have all you videos and discussion on an app as well as your website, one of the features of the video app would be to be able to cast the interviews to smart TV trough WiFi sharing.
    please let me know what's think.

  18. Aran Sharma

    brilliant video wake up every morning and listen to it n go about thinking in the right fashion much appreciated

  19. Anders Haave

    Well made this one! Very

  20. Mike Barnes

    I love Steve's approach to physical fitness. I own several of his vids and I've founds them worth the money.

    His claims about positive thoughts having some positive affect in the world is questionable. If he means you must think positively so that you're more likely to act in the world in such a way as to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes happening for yourself, then fine, nothing particularly profound about that. If he means my thoughts some how go out into the world and attract positive things to me like a magnet, then hmmmmmmm, I find that hard to believe.

    I grew up in a religious tradition where they taught that kind of stuff – never worked, seen a lot of people get hurt because of that approach to life.

    Bad metaphysics indeed.

  21. p0werl0ve

    I have had this feeling – that some thoughts do not come from me – for a long time. Nice to see that confirmed by a person whose view point matters