Will Smith’s take on Personal Development

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  1. Cochise Bryant

    People do not join companies, they join you! This is why personal development is a must if you are going to become successful in any business venture. This is why I am so thankful that I have a multiple 7-figure Industry Icon as a mentor in my current MLM who is giving away his proven "How to close anytime and anywhere" training system ($495 value) so that we as distributors will prosper. http://TeamTakeOverMarketing.com

  2. Being Brilliant Every Day

    We grew up with the sense that- Where we were wasn't were we were going to be, where we were didn't matter because we were becoming something greater"

  3. Personal Leadership Development

    love this Smith

  4. TRACY M.

    Love Will Smith! What a great video…thanks!!

  5. Messiah Torres

    i love this video thank u for posting it i come back to it all the time if u dnt work on ur talent the ones with ur skills works hard and will over come the talent u were gaven

  6. Marguerite Fair

    I am completely impressed by everything this young man has to say. You can feel the power of his enthusiasm. The effort must be made for life to reach its full potential. And there is one thing that each person who succeeds with their life plans possess…"Confidence" and that is clearly evident by listening to what Will says. Marguerite Fair   P.S.  Will's Father is to be commended for the way he raised his son.

  7. Lakeisha Doyal

    Wow love it! will love it!

  8. Positive Insight Development

    He is such an inspiration and should be for everyone. This man has great knowledge, while maintaining a great sense of humour, and making a lot of money all at the same time. This is the mindset i wish i could teach, this is the modern budah. 

  9. Ambrose Carrington

    These Thoughts are real, they are factual. Go for it.

  10. Alexa Garcia

    AMAZING man, i fully respect him. From what i see and know of him i mean, but truly amazing. 

  11. ahlam elsayed

    Wow! Thankyou for sharing!

  12. Ankush Choubey

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  13. Cesar Morales

    Okay it was a good video but what do you do for work? I need to know where you're at right now so I can relate can someone comment back so I dont sound so ignorant?

  14. Inspired Fitness With Angela
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