Will Smith talking about his success mindset and personal development!

Will Smith Will Smith talking about his success mindset and personal development!

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I strive to spend at least 20-30 minutes per day on my own personal development. That happens in the form of audio, books and youtube videos. Investing in your own personal development is key to you becoming a successful team beachbody coach. The more you improve your own self the better you can serve others. Here are a list of some of my favorite books from authors like Chalene Johnson, John C Maxwell, and Darren Hardy. Check out my must read list!!
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  1. Jonathan Thomas

    1. They get off the treadmill first
    2. You pass out from exhaustion

  2. Adam Sayers (Infernii)

    1 Will Smith on a treadmill vs 1 Will Smith on a treadmill = 2 dead Will Smith's on treadmills.

  3. Oh Yeah

    Hmm, so who could play President Barack Obama in a movie.

  4. Doctor Dog

    Determination by Dubb feat Will Smith.

  5. PotentialSuccess

    "I want to represent possibilities. I want to represent the idea that you really can make what you want"…………….I agree with this one hundred percent. That is what I want as well! Will Smith has certainly accomplished that idea.

  6. bigwheat3000


  7. Denil Silva

    paulo Coelho mean paul rabbit!!!

  8. syeda02

    I love you will you are a true legend and Inspiration. Next only to Ali.

  9. InnerChallenge


    It's T.I. – Whatever you like

  10. Petr Jurek

    "i wanna be magic, right?" …… loooool !

    Will is a ''SERET'' Man!!!


    Personal Develpment only :))

  11. ReaLx2006


  12. Heather Clark

    My fave is Failing Forward 😄

  13. Heather Clark

    I love personal development!

  14. Sunny Afrench

    Hello I love your video, particularly the tips about success training one of my friend told me
    about A product I also found helpfull for online life coaches
    was Skyarza Success Secrets Star – if anyone wants to know more search on google

  15. Tiki Cartwright

    Thank you for all the suggestions. One book that I am reading is The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. It has a lot to do with cause and effect. Seems like common sense, but this book just feels so powerful!

  16. Mackenzie Rawls

    Hi Melanie, 
    One book I'd recommend looking into is the Four Agreeements by Miguel Ruiz, it is less business oriented but speaks volumes to how we hold ourselves everyday.  Have you read it?

  17. Fire Ant

    Are you a satanic bitch, or a robot? Maybe you're a clone? Please, tell us, stupid humans, the truth, really appreciate it.