The Magic Of Personal Development

Everyone is not lucky enough to be born with type of facilities needed to become successful. Yet they have turned luck in their favor. Some people like Dhirubhai Ambani proved that to be successful you needn’t have ideal conditions at the start of your life. You can become very successful even in adverse conditions. Whereas, there are people who have all the ideal conditions from the start, yet they haven’t been successful.

When we look around us we find that there is abundant money in the banks. Knowledge is available in plenty in the form of books.  Schools also provide knowledge through good teachers. There are plenty of opportunities provided in this free world. There is no dearth of support systems and facilities in this world.

Power and sophistication are easily attainable. The prime reason that keeps us from taking full advantage of opportunities is laxity and neglect. They are contagious. We should examine our self and prevent this inflection from spreading in our system. Neglect, if not checked early can cause a complete failure over a period of time.

When we do not do the things we know, we should, it makes us guilty. The guilt eats up on our confidence. As a result it affects our activity. That causes a blow to the results. When that happens we become negative in our outlook. This again diminishes our self-confidence. Thus it is a vicious cycle.

A person should constantly work on self. This will help him to evolve as a human being. Abilities can be turned to capabilities. Working on self ensures not only success but also happiness.

We have a shining example of Dr. Abdul Kalam who is the son of a fisherman. He went on to become the most successful President of India. We have one more example of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. He started by working at petrol pump and later built an empire.

What this people never did was complain about obstacles. They never wasted their energy on complaining. They focused their energy on their vision. There are people persistently complain in spite of having plenty of facilities. They should consider the above two examples.

Dr. Abdul Kalam had the option of working with NASA, instead he stood to stay back in India & contribute to the nation.

Most people generally concentrate and work on improving that what is outside them. They fail to understand that real work has to be done on things inside of them. Self awareness is the key. Ask yourself what you want.

It is possible to be powerful and all that you would ever want is very much within your reach. You need to work in the right direction. Do not neglect yourself.  Whatever is outside of you gets immediate attention when there is a breakdown, be it your car, T.V, computer etc. However when our confidence and motivation need a boost, we become lax. Therefore it leads to a breakdown and you do not experience joy.

Do not fall in the vicious cycle of guilt. When people neglect work, which should be done they feel guilty. The guilt takes away the confidence to act and without action they don’t get results. Because of this entire guilt trap we begin to feel low and weak but there is a way out. Start working on yourself and develop your personality!

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