Powerful Mind Programming ➤ UNLOCK Your True Potential ~ Personal Development

Listening to positive affirmations are powerful tools for personal development and spiritual growth. Affirmations are useful in wiring your brain with more of the emotions and behaviors you prefer. Such as joy, inner peace, love, inspiration, motivation and all other positive emotions and less stress and negativity and low vibrational emotions.

In This session we will plant some powerful positive seeds into your subconscious mind, that will assist you in taking action with ease on the things you know you should. This audio is designed to change your negative behavioural patterns into positive ones.

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For your inner peace and joy.


Alexander & Kenneth


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  1. Vasudevan Tachoth

    Thank you so so so much

  2. Maria Vargas

    it is really a beautiful gift to unlock your thru potential . thanks i needed that

  3. PowerThoughts Meditation Club
  4. Vidhant Bansal

    I liked the experience after doing it second time
    I have just one question that when I do it it says certain things which I know that m not…so how to believe on them create those thoughts strongly…
    Isn't it that we need to give our mind evidences for it ?