Personal Development Plan – The Essentials Of Getting Results

Personal Development Plan - The Essentials Of Getting Results

Personal Development Plan – What you must know to start working on your own personal development.

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Anyone committed to building an amazing life will benefit from a personal development plan. Creating one, however, needs to be a customized design, based on your own personal needs and goals. It’s not something you can copy from your friend or colleague. If you do, it won’t meet your specific needs. Spend time figuring out what your needs are, and what you hope to accomplish. That information will pay off handsomely so you don’t chase down blind alleys that get you nowhere productive.

Once you know what you’re looking for, with a stunning array of material and programs available, use every resource at you disposal to narrow the search to what’s best for you. Tap into free resources first, until you identify the experts to best direct your path. Gather the lay of the land, and where you hope to arrive.

Minimize time and energy zappers and addictions. Replace destructive habits with constructive ones.

Identify a life purpose, if you don’t already have one, that speaks to the center of your being. Only then will you have the commitment to pursue your self-improvement plan.

Keep track of your progress, so you can review and realize the journey you’ve made.
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  1. Erik Angelion

    Leo, why don't you coach people under 25 years old? I only found out now and I seriously wonder.
    Also, another question. Why don't you coach people who earn less than 60 000 per year? It creates quite a paradox. On one hand, you are a "life coach", but on the other hand you only coach those who don't really need the coaching as much as everybody else.

  2. Sir Lachteuchaus

    love you man!!

  3. Evalena Sazo

    Where are we able to get the audio downloads? I like to listen to Personal development at work as well. You Tube takes alot of my battery and shuts off on me quite often…

  4. Jonathan Thomas

    You must believe you are at your best! The biggest problem in self development is other people don't want you to be your best because it will make them look bad.

  5. David F.

    Leo, i wanna thank you for all this content you've been releasing. Specially for free, when what you offer is so much more valuable than a lot of crap we pay for nowadays with no actual use. Your videos are really helping me shape my life in the direction i want it to and to let go of what has no use for me. So thank you once again and continue doing what you're doing.

  6. Saif Chowdhury

    After a lot of mental masturbation, dropped off university and starting a business, which is sort of a gap in market. This also means that it can either go really well or leave me close enough to homeless, I'm all in with a grinning face. 
    Cheers dude for playing a big part into the person that I am now, the sad part is that a mysterious man on the Internet played a bigger role in my life than most family/friends.

  7. Akbar Hubbard

    this dude great!! 


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  9. Barry J. Solomon - Internet Marketing Training Courses

    Leo we need to talk. I see you are not building an email
    list. You can help so many more people and on an ongoing
    lifetime basis. Message me back. I'm not selling anything.
    I actually want to buy something from you.

  10. Yaseя еriboy

    Thanks,:-D This is that actually strikes me deep and gives me power all the way.

  11. Angel

    Few tips by you have made incrediable change in my life.. Best part of your couching is you have keept everything for free. I have strated already working on your advices and i wonder how amazingly i am getting peace into my life… i feel superb leo..
    I am defintely gonna stick to all your suggestions and advices and follow all your videos… Thank You so much for your so amazing life changeings researches and theories ..