Personal development is essential


In these days of limited job and career opportunities, it is only the more educated candidates that succeed where the lazy ones fall by the way side, remaining in their comfort zone. The majority of workers get to a certain point in their current position and think ‘’that is it’’; they settle into a routine that turns them in to a robot, just doing what he or she is told and no more.

I am a positive thinker, and I am always looking for a challenge. This is no more apparent than in my personal development plan, I wish to progress on through the company and without extending my knowledge of certain aspects of my chosen career, this would not be possible. It is easy to go and get experience in key areas as Health & Safety, First Aid and Fire training as these are mandatory in most high end office related companies. I wish my personal development to be a little more focused and at times a lot harder and challenging.

I never turn down an opportunity and when I was offered a place on a law course, I took it in a flash. I will use this time to concentrate on corporate law in particular, as this will be good for me in the future. It will be hard to fit in the night school classes and most weekends will be spent studying and writing essays for the next three years, but it will be well worth the sacrifice to say the least.

As in any enrollment on a course, I always inform the Human Resources department so they can update my personal file. It has become somewhat of a joke and we have a bit of fun whilst I inform them of my intensions and deliver copies of my most recent certification in various fields. It appears I am the only employee of three hundred, who even bothers to update their file, on what has become a monthly basis. It helps me in ways you would not think, when I call them to book say a holiday, they all know me and we are “office friends” I like to call it. They will always look after me, even when the dates I need are taken as they know it may be for an exam or I need to study.

My personal development plan encompasses courses such as Mathematics, Law, Computer study’s in particular Microsoft Office and Spread Sheet, Human Resources and Management. With all these certificated courses under my belt, I am the one employee to fear. When the other candidates apply for an internal promotion, and they either find out I am applying or they see me waiting in the interview room they know instantly, I will be the one to get the promotion. I have a 100% success record when it comes to these regular internal promotions and once again my personal development draws a smile and a laugh in the H&R department. I think by now my file must have a place on someone’s desk, as it seems to be a waste of time to put it away.

The Danish word for personal development is personlig udvikling. If you need even more information or if you want to read more about systemic thinking (or as we say in Denmark systemisk tænkning) follow this useful link.

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