Personal Development Blueprint – Top 5 Feelings

Continuing in the Blueprint series, learn about how identifying your top 5 feelings is critical to ensuring that the goals you’re pursuing will actually lead to meaningful, long-term fulfillment.

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  1. Shishir Raj

    Leo,thank you man,for all your videos.your videos and your work helped me to get my life back from addictions n stuff.
    you rock!!!!

  2. Telefon123

    But it's about YOU, the self, so you will suffer for it?

  3. Thabet Mohamed

    Thank you very much for sharing your expertise with people from all around the world ! I really enjoy watching your video all day long while working  :) I've quite a lot of bad soft addictions like facebook & internet surfing and I'm focusing on personal development  😀 I'm also trying to help other peoples to overcome there problem. Thanks again. Peace & love from Tunisia.

  4. Nemz Lord

    Leo, do you do any satanic rituals. 

  5. Akesh Saha

    Hey Leo. you know my dream is to become an actor and to be an actor you need to have some financial base which I don't have at this particular point of time. I am doing constant visualization where I see myself winning awards and people cheering my name. Am i doing it right or some correction is required? Please help me on that…

  6. shounak sen

    Man!! Another great rock leo

  7. MuayTime 2014

    You are amazing…thank you so much for sharing. I wrote out my top 6 (had a little extra) feelings…so evident why I am feeling so lost and unhappy in my life these past years as my day to day thoughts and feelings are not aligned with my meaningful desires. On the path to recover my fulfillment…thank you!!

  8. Natalia Campos

    Leo, I've been spending a whole week watching all of your videos. In some, I even cried with you, specially when you try to express the importance self mastery has to us as human beings. But I didn't leave any comment, which I will, eventually, because I know I'll watch those videos more than once. 😛 I'm making a comment on this one because I'm just surprised that the 5 positive feelings that we want we just don't cultivate them, and the 5 ones we don't want we cultivate them all the fucking time! We're basically always feeding the monster and letting our higher self behind, weak. What I got very surprised that made me stop the video and leave a comment here, right now, is the fact that the solutions I came up with to end up my suffering with the bad feelings and start feeding the good ones, they are actually FREE and EASY! One of my good feelings is, for example, be more concious, and for that, I came up with the idea of developing the habit of meditation; for a bad feeling, such as low self esteem, I can just develop the habit of taking time to mindfully take care of my body, dress well and smell good. I don't need any extra money or person, or circumstance to have a better life. It's all in my head! Leo, you're saving my life. I owe you for that. And I'm sure I'll be able to actually reward you. I live in Brasil now and be sure you'll be known here and have your work spread all over this country. Count on me for that! Let me go back to my studies now.. :)