Personal Development Blueprint – Intro –

Personal Development Blueprint - Intro -

100+ Greatest Personal Development Concepts of All Time. Watch the first video in this 100+ part series. Find more at

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

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  1. Maor Zion

    this is great. can't wait to start working on my psychology.

  2. Maor Zion

    thank you very much Leo!! you're helping me a lot

  3. victor ramirez

    Leo follow me on ig do you have one?

  4. alexozga

    tnx for your work!

  5. Ronnie9P

    where is the list ?

  6. Anatolij Gontar

    Great Leo!

  7. Carole Rice

    Thanks for all your videos, I wish I had them a long time ago when I was trying to recover from an abusive relationship to come back from 4 years of negativity,I am still struggling with it,but your videos are helping, I am watching them for school but at the same time listening to them and taking notes to help myself, to take a step back and re think my purpose and goals and values in life