Personal Development Blueprint – Information Intake

Learn why monitoring and controlling your information intake is critical towards achieving success and happiness.

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  1. Stephen Lovejoy

    That made sense and I am going to try to make that shift. Thank you

  2. Amy Johnson

    Excellent information.  Once again, thank you Leo.

  3. Rosemary Gordon

    Leo, thank you so much for making this video! <3

  4. Chalky Brotherman

    This is spot on, man. Diverting your attention to matters of which you have no part in will put you in a very dis-empowered state of mind and being. I[m looking forward to the rest of this series and further studying the concept of self-actualization.

  5. brawler604

    Hey Leo, I've kinda made myself a 30 day challenge after watching this video which is really inspiring! But I dont know if im going to be able to cope.. But i want to change my life! My rules are:
    • No Social Media (Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat)
    •No watching TV
    •No playing any videogames.
    •no drugs 

  6. Goal Hunter

    Great info!
    From my family gradmother is very pessimistic whenever she ask me sth she thinks it is worst possible scenario..she can't see good things.. she always thinks only bad things happen I really gett deppresed when I talk with her even sad ..but on other side she encourage hard work and motivation

    I quit tv facebook tabloides for one week now .. I feel more focused on work now.. When I work I study economics and In free time I enjoy studing personal development .. but interesting is that I enjoy to study everything until it is one of my univeryity subjects ..