Personal Development Blueprint – Eliminate Addictions

Learn about the effect of addictions on your life and how you can get control over them.

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Many of us SAY we want to overcome the obstacles that are in our way, finally reach our goals, and enjoy the quality of life that we really want. But is that always true? There are hidden challenges that you may not be aware of right now that are forcing you stay exactly where you are. No matter how determined you say you are to succeed, you can’t eliminate challenges that you aren’t aware of.

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  1. Rafał Adamski

    I think most people forget about one addiction that realy waste our time : MUSIC. What the benefits when sit on your couch and just listen music for 1,2 hour ?

  2. Angel Abreu

    My current addiction is video games. it gets in the way of almost everything in my life

  3. Noah Ali

    Leo your an amazing teacher, I hope you get everything you want out of life :)

  4. Harlan Langlois

    What about marijuana- I know you said drug, but thats pretty broad from heroin to over the counter tylenol. I do think that it is a hindrance in some ways, mainly the social disapproval, but i feel that it holds many benefits. I have undergone much trauma and have had PTSD, and so I would use it to sleep, but I know quitting would be hard, so that makes it a monkey, but can a monkey ever be justified?? I want to quit, but I just don't see how it would make things any better. Maybe one thing would, but my sleep would be bad, then my mood, then my actions… so on so on.

  5. Milosh Stojkovic

    I've been going trough your material,and so far its golden. I've slowly started to incorporate working out,clean food,meditation (although I've had inconsistency with this one) and so on. Here's the catch,you mention gambling as one of the addictions we need to get rid of,but I'm a small stakes online professional poker player (I really don't look it as gambling,since I'm pretty good on the limits I play,and I finish in the green zone yearly) – what do I do? Look for a new job?

  6. P Fowle

    I am glad I clicked on this You Tube presentation.  I was working on class work for a couple of online classes I am taking.  One is to create a Mission statement for our business and the next is a Personal Mission.  In listening to the addiction video I found the essence of what I do…help others with soft addictions.  However, how do I word it since the word addictions can be negative and as you stated people don't necessarily see their/our soft addictions as addictions.  Any suggestions?

  7. Ana Ajkovic

    Leoooo, can you help me? I can not rid of my new addiction-YOU! :-)