Fitness & Personal Development Business Success Plan Combining fitness and personal development is the ultimate solution for career success for personal trainers, life coaches, fitness experts, weight loss coaches, body and life transformation specialists and other professionals offering fitness, nutrition, coaching and success programs. John Spencer Ellis gives you a complete training course to rapidly accelerate your career.
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Leadership expert and bestselling International author Robin Sharma shares tools on how to live a great life.

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  1. DonSamurai777

    awesome, thank you very much

  2. Jonassah Schliephake

    It is very inspiring and informational at the same time! :D

  3. Shandy Boyd Smith

    I enjoyed the in depth knowledge about this topic. I have been out of work for awhile and I'm eager to get my business started and needed some valuable information. Thank you for the insight.

  4. michi boe

    I appreciate you. Period. Starting out a fitness business is not easy and there arethose out there that teach the moral and ethical low road. You are the one stable guidepost to not only teach workable systems, but do so in a manner that is still in the spirit of service to people.

  5. Kevin Wills

    This is a very helpful training. It helps me to accomplish more in my field.

  6. Brian Uribe

    >>>>>THIS BROUGHT IN $710,000 IN 28 DAYS!<<<<<


  7. Gloria Houghton

    The greatest coach/mentor and life teacher, forever grateful to Robin Sharma. There is a lifetime of wisdom in these books. This is a great read – The Saint, The Surfer and the CEO. I encourage everyone to good all Robin's books, read them, study them re-read them and practice his teachings every day in your life! thank-you Robin, eternally grateful. Live our life wisely, open up our heart and serve greatly!

  8. Gloria Houghton

    I am so internally grateful for this coach and mentor in my life. His books hold a wealthy, life time of learning and being true to yourself. Are you living your life on your own terms?
    Incredible tools. Be more concerned with adding value than making money, serving greatly, more abundance will come! Thank-you to my incredible life time coach!


    i hav read "the greatness guide", itzz really a store house of inspiration & new thoughts, Robin Sharma – really a blessed person.

  10. Kamal Regmi

    he he very funny u man…knowing is not enough u need to help others…my grand pa known before 80 yrs

  11. Ignacio99676

    Robin helped me to stand life in jail, then change my life and then (not finally) helped me to become a very successful entrepeneur.

  12. Nicola Grace

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this great video with some important insight.

  13. frenky12


  14. Gordana Kojadinović

    Of course, everything goes from inside, from your mind. I know it from my personal experience, because I'm 72, look as I am 50, and I'm in love. RS obviously studied
    zen budhism, but he is not the only one. His merit is for spreading it.
    Regards to everyone.

  15. Gordana Kojadinović

    Everything in your life comes from inside, not outside; everything comes from your mind, even your looks. I knew it before RS, from personal experience, because I'm 72, I look as I am 5o,and I'm in love. You know, he is not the only one who studied zen budhism, but his merit is that he is spreading it.
    Regards to everyone.

  16. Ryan Biddulph

    The doorway to success opens inward, not outward. Wonderful.

    Robin shares such a fresh view on personal development. Being impeccable with your word and moving your focus to adding value are 2 fundamental exercises towards successful living.

    Thanks for sharing the insight!


  17. BLPdevelopment

    THis guy knows waht he's talking about 😉


  18. InternetWealthTutor

    Personal Development. I love it. :-)

    Stephen Walker

  19. cm punk

    Is it really works?????????????????????????