2015 Goal Setting: Specifics – Personal Development

The goal setting videos will take us through each of the five steps to define big, hairy, amazing goals for 2015. Both for us personally, and for our ebay / Amazon FBA business. This video is based on Step #1: setting a specific vision for yourself. See my personal goals for the New Year!!





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  1. Anne Poteat

    Hello Tracy! I have been watching your videos for a few weeks now. You are just so happy and alive! You have inspired me to T-R-Y to start a business. Ten years ago at 50 years old, I became a certified high school teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher, and I made it happen by taking by one step and then the next. As you know teaching is a life changing experience. Now I am 60 years old! I want to make the next ten years even more exciting by becoming a "business" woman. How cool is THAT? You have inspired me. I consider you a friend–I will keep you posted, and I will let you know when I sell my first item. Hip hip hooray! Thank you SO much! 

  2. Cody Rall MD

    Hey, saw you were interested in the science of motivation. I have studied the neurobiology behind motivation and my audience has found it helpful. Check it out if you are interested.


    Cody Rall

  3. Tanya Kimball

    Living life like "woah!"  that is my mantra! Bless your heart.

  4. Kelly Sheridan

    Doing my goal setting and 5facets tonight !  Thanks ! 

  5. Dawn & Dani

    We've just made our own Vision Board too + we are new youtube. If you get a chance maybe pop over to our channel?
    Dawn & Dani xx

  6. Jahkim Benjamin

    i really loved the video.. very inspiring and informative… i have to present three goals i want to achieve for 2015 and this video has given me the tools i need to do just that…. thanks so much…

  7. pat festino

    Thanks Tracy. Been on kind of a mind block. You shook me out. Starting with learning how to optimize my product page. If you ever decide to coach, let me know. Think you are already doing a great job! Great success wishes for you in 2015!

  8. Galinka Vitaminka

    Thanks for video! I used to have my goals written down and it worked great, but I didn't do analyzing at the end of year and then i stop writing my list because of kids and ect. But now your video makes all the sense! I will be back on track for 2015! Many thanks again and Happy New Year!!!!

  9. geminigal07

    Thank you so much for making this video. I will be working on my 2015 goals tonight. Right now, they are all a jumbled mess in my head (LOL) but writing them down always helps to get the mind focused.  

  10. HeathersCottage

    My goals for 2015 are to set up a second eBay shop, get my etsy shop up running again and to try FBA.  Along with some other personal goals. Your such an inspiration Tracy!  

    Great video and some great links,  now I need to get to work and write down my goals.  Thank you for posting this!