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There is a preponderance of meditation books on the market, and many VCDs on Meditation to choose from. What is it about the meditation materials available from the Tej Gyan Foundation that sets them apart from the others?

Firstly, they are written and produced by Sirshree, the enlightened guru of the Tej Gyan Foundation. Sirshree’s quest for spiritual enlightenment began early in life. He spent years learning about different schools of thought, and reading countless meditation books and the wisdom of the ages. After a long period of practicing various meditations and contemplating deeply on the truth, he came to the realization that the missing link among all these paths to enlightenment was “understanding” itself. He saw that all the meditation books he read and all the VCDs on meditation he absorbed began in different places, but ended in the same way: with understanding of the truth. Understanding, he realized, was the whole thing. And a seeker could become truly enlightened, connected to the Universal Consciousness, simply by listening to an enlightened teacher.

Sirshree founded the Tej Gyan Foundation (TGF) as a means of sharing his understanding with the world. The Foundation’s goal is nothing less than creating a highly-evolved society. It offers meditation books, meditation VCDs, meditation CDs, audio CDs, and DVDs of Sirshree’s discourses on all sorts of topics related to human development, spirituality, happiness, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

Tej Gyan means “Bright Truth.” When the truth is clearly elucidated, the world becomes bright to us; the shadows of ignorance, vice, and delusion are dispelled. Two of the best meditation books available anywhere today are Sirshree’s titles, Complete Meditation: 222 Questions and Answers, and The Complete Meditator: The Definitive Sourcebook of Complete Meditation, (which comes with an audio CD inside), Sirshree provides the answers to 222 questions about meditation. It teaches one how to be meditation rather than how to do it. It is the ideal meditation book for the novice, as well as the individual who meditates on a fairly regular basis, and even the serious devotee. The Complete Meditator provides the reader with specialized tools, exercises, and quotes to lead to higher levels of consciousness.

When seeking DVDs, CDs, and VCDs on meditation, one need look no further than the Tej Gyan online store at http://in.tgfonlinestore.com. There you will find a virtual treasure chest of discourses by Sirshree on myriad topics, all designed to help the spiritual seeker connect with his true nature and become aware of his deep connectedness to Universal Consciousness. Some of the VCDs on meditation to be found there are Master Key, Seven Levels of Consciousness, and Self-Realization Here and Now! These extraordinary meditation VCDs contain some of the most enlightening discourses on meditation and higher states of consciousness you are likely to find anywhere.

Whether you seek meditation books, audio CDs on how to live a happy life, DVDs on success, or VCDs on meditation, the Tej Gyan online store is the web destination for you. The wisdom gained from these many, varied products will lead to enlightenment, happiness, and a joyous life. Enjoy your reading and viewing. Happy thoughts!

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