How To Meditate – The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation

How To Meditate – The most effective meditation technique, plus tips for how to avoid the most common meditation mistakes.

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  1. Jorge Patiño

    Leo can you make a video about how to stop comparing myself to other people??

  2. Tim .Briggs


  3. Stefan Fritzon

    I think you have lot to give. Much interesting ideas and knowledge. I have one tips that i think can make your videos better. I have notes that you have some steps in your videos and you go pretty deep in this steps. As exempel in this video; why meditation is good for you, who to do it and some holes that hinder your routine of meditation. As I want to hear the holes and already knows the good sides of meditation want to skip some step easy.

    My tips is to add chapters markings in your video so one can go forward without missing any interesting info in the part. Hope you understand my tips and that you is greatful for my input.


  4. teetoo labalaba

    take afternoon naps and exercise regularly. eat healthy. whole fruits . veggies..lean meat . whole grains.
    meditation is not needed.

  5. David Aj

    i cant stop getting caught in my thoughts. is that not like daydreaming, but im aware. at the same time i feel like i have not let go of control.

    can you make a video that explains "how to accept reality as it is as fast as possible" plllllllssssssssssss

    oh and
    phobias are exactly the same as demonization, right?

  6. fshfrghedht64

    Yeah but if you reduce your stress and adrenaline to much, you wont respond to threats very well

  7. Dew Hope

    There simply isn't a reason why someone should not meditate. You're brilliant, Leo, thank you for this video.

  8. Jhon Smith

    can I listen to music or will that interfere

  9. John Smith

    Leo, I suggest you change that triangle symbol at the beginning of your video. It is the symbol of child molesters.

  10. Mitch Hartog

    Hi Leo, I`ve got a small question; In your video you mention to think about "nothing". However this seems pretty hard, and often I visualize a glass box around my head that bounces off the thoughts. Is this a good way to handle when alot of thoughts pop up, and thinking about nothing seems impossible? I also have to mention that sometimes when I do that I seem to be weightless, don't know if that's a good thing.

  11. Son of Alba Steelman

    Did the Buddha have an alarm clock? You don't need a timer.

  12. Co Jack

    You say that books are just a distraction, but I find that they are useful when you use them to troubleshoot your meditation practice. For example, I found that I was doing too much noting in my Vipassana practice from re-reading about it. I get how your advice would be helpful for beginners to mediation though, since it does make things simple when you say books aren't necessary.

  13. Thicey A. Flo

    Can I use peaceful music while meditating?
    PS: One of the most useful videos I´ve watched on YT.

  14. String bean (Stringbean989)

    It was hard for me to sit thru the video. I am glad I was able to thou, this is a great lesson.

  15. Bradyn Anderson

    I did this and kept thinking "Is my timer working? " but when I finally decided to check it had 7 seconds left and I just smiled. "trust in the process" lol