Reynad vs Lifecoach – Insane Unstable Portal (Hearthstone ESL)

Reynad vs Lifecoach,Reynad Insane Unstable Portal on ESL Match vs lifecoach (3rd Game)
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  1. Adras and Horia Gaming

    why so salty

  2. Maxwaehrens

    0:10 Reynad is probably thinking how broken Hearthstone is because he won based on RNG.

  3. FReeARouND1992

    I know its a month ago, but i think reynad is likely to win that one anyway. He could draw face cards, he could get a lot of good shits from that unstable portal. So yeah hes lucky, but this is just an ordinary rng win.

  4. Hearthstone SparkTV

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  5. Mustafa Ekinci


  6. DarkbloomTV

    Man I really can't understand how you can watch these competitive games. That's so unfun, the match can easily be won by just the card draw or luck in cards like Unstable. I love playing HS but it's a really shitty esport. Would rather watch HotS/LoL/Dota games because there's no RNG and simply the better one wins. In HS the luckier one wins.

  7. Waifu Simulator

    Such skill based game no luck involved ;)

  8. Iamso Cerius

    And this one of the reasons why Magic The Gathering requires more skill than hearthstone.

  9. atha galios

    finaly you back making videos ❤️❤️

  10. Hannes Ackerl

    E-Sports Kappa

  11. Juan Miguel Aranda Cobos


  12. i love dank memes




  14. Bottleshark

    Why does he always look so sad?