[Pinnacle 2] Winners Bracket: Strifecro vs. Lifecoach

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  1. Blunt Smoka

    Amaz "uhhhhhhhhh" is so annoying

  2. LiangHuBBB

    plz play slower lol

  3. Going 2 Game


  4. Karacis

    Admirable is a great caster, Amaz… not so much :(

  5. Rororo Bububu


  6. superiorPomo superiorpomo

    amaz stop spending money on packs and give them t a hairstyle for example and go buy some new t shirts….good caster amazing player..

  7. jtoeg

    Strife always looks like a sad puppy

  8. PotatoesMake Mash

    No Hosty matches uploaded i see :o

  9. Vishal Aggarwal (Scared2Play)

    Why does Lifecoach take so much time each turn .. I mean he misplays almost all the time!!

  10. StormXXV

    Is it my impression, or was too much weight and importance put on that last mind control tech? Strife had an insane hand regardless compared to LifeCoach's… The Ancient of War alone was enough to keep Boom under control, and after it would have been Shredder-Cenarius plus 2 Swipes and a Druid of the Claw, while the opponent drew 2 mana cards all the time.

  11. Onkel Patrick

    i like you Amaz ;)

  12. DogofWar 1

    So, to summarize, Lifecoach loses because of poor draw RNG and StrifeCro wins because of a very lucky MCT play.  Sounds about par for the HS course.

  13. Adri Gallardo

    Strifecro is incredibly bad

  14. Andi Y

    lifecoach looks realy gay to me………he starrs like a gay faggot

  15. Max Samourian

    In game three why did Lifecoach not use golem, minibot, and his weapon to kill cho before he used lay on hands?
    Is there something obvious im missing or what?

  16. CrazyyPL

    strifecro looks like 10 years old boy :p

  17. Aleksi Tuulos

    ropecoach vs striferope ResidentSleeper