Nozdormu Counters LifeCoach

Nozdormu Counters LifeCoach

Just wanted to make little bit video of Nozdormu countering lifecoach haha
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Life Coaching – How life coaching works, what you can expect, and why it’s so powerful for creating transformational change.

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books

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While training or education in personal development can provide important information for making life changes, life coaching adds a crucial, personalized element to self-improvement. Clients typically contact a life coach for assistance with a particular issue. Through skillful questioning, the coach helps identify the source of the problem, sometimes simply via a shift in perspective.

The value of a life coach is difficult to gauge, but should be considered an investment in long-range growth. Life coaches help clients better understand the cause of their issues and identify potential action plans. They can direct the client to new resources and point out unrealized potential in themselves.

A life coach offers an objective perspective, and often more importantly, inspires clients to set more ambitious goals for themselves. The coach then holds the client accountable for implementing plans of action to achieve those goals. The greatest contribution of a life coach is their overall ability to help clients shorten their learning curve.

Many successful individuals have benefited from the services of a life coach to shift their success into over-drive.
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. ThermoNuclear GR

    Almost blaze it nigger

  2. Weapon XI

    I fucking hate this cocksucking, ropefucking motherfucker. Slow as shit.

  3. guitarHero1885


  4. DramakilzU

    I thought of a card that makes the turns last longer, but gets rid of the rope. So it still kinda punishes slow players who have no sense of time.

  5. Azure Sora no Senshi

    3:29 – the Acolyte card draws should've taken a good 6 seconds off of Lifecoache's turn but you don't see the rope appearing immediatelly as the turn started or already being there some way down the line. This is… it didn't work as intended. Also the cloud disappeared while it almost always stays after Noz dies.

    How come these two have played the non-bugged version of hearthstone?

  6. Michael Lo (mlo)

    Lifecoach deserve to be forever 15seconds

  7. Shiina

    trashcoach lmao, what is mouse speed

  8. Chase Jansing

    These casters are stupid, they are like "I cant believe we are witnessing a Nozdormu meta-game." He only got the damn Noz through a sneeds! its not like the guy put the damn card in just for one match up, that would be fucking stupid. Rope coach is shit anyway, let him take his time before he loses.

  9. Lycosa

    I hate this fucking host… the other one especialy

  10. Then It said

    Nozdormu. Ropecoach's worst nightmare

  11. WantSmell2T

    lifecoach reminds me of this slow snooker professional player whose bald. he played so slow, i think he made a 15 break while Ronnie in the same time made a maximum break of 147 lmao.

  12. bevrosity

    that "oh, lifecoach" at the end.

  13. Ambition Achiever

    I wish there were more cards that had an effect like Nozdormu. It just makes the game that much more interesting + I'm pretty sure rope-players are literally waiting for as long as possible, in order to make me fall asleep and a such, win the game. Either that, or they are watching pron on the side.

  14. Ossi

    wow Hosty can maintain his pose so well

  15. westangle

    Why didn't Lifecoach just use face and peacekeeper to deal with nozdormu instead?

  16. Nathan Beckles

    Lifecoach should be named Epiccoach… he is so epic ;D

  17. Waqas Ahmed

    should impliment a quick-mode where you get 20secs to make a move

  18. Zayle e

    video lenght though…….


  19. Penghaw

    Thinking for a long time is justified, but seeing someone rope even on turn 1 is ridiculous IMO.

  20. helen zumaeta

    therapy is focused on people who are in several dysfunctional state? I think you need to be better informed about it…

  21. Israfil gazi


  22. Mehedi Hasan

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  23. Shiva Ram

    your video is very inspiring. Something I also found useful for best self help programs  was Skyarza Success Secrets Star – if anyone is interested search on google

  24. Speak Up

    im going to become a life coach someday

  25. Stephen Yardley

    TY for your video, very helpful.
    Question: I'm from Indianapolis, does my coach need to be in Indy, or because this is done over the phone, location is irrelevant ????

  26. Travis Barton

    As a life coach myself, I found this video inspiring. Subscriber earned!